Shinedown with John Harvie and Jelly Roll at Virginia Beach Amphitheater September 18, 2022

by Glenn Woodell

Shinedown always puts on a great show and this was no exception. Fire and heavy music were on tap this evening as John Harvie and Jelly Roll got to come along for the ride. It was hard to tell who was there for which band as all three had their admirers. Shinedown was promoting their new album, Planet Zero, which takes them to the end of the year, finishing up in Finland.

I was not familiar with Jelly Roll and had my reservations after having read a little about him. After seeing him, I have to say that I don’t think I’ve seen another artist wow the crowd like he did. His fans totally adored him and he was almost overwhelmed with their appreciation. His show was stopped a few times just to allow for the crowd to stop their cheering and applause. You could see the genuine appreciate in his face throughout the show. Think rap crossed with country and you have Jelly Roll.

John Harvie was also a new one for me. He entertained with his constant movements on the stage and his poppy yet energetic flavor of rock. Think of a rock band with a pop front man who can’t stay still

John Harvie

Set List
1. A Little Bit Longer
2. Worse
3. Haunt Me
4. My Name
5. Alaina
6. Beauty in the Bad Things
7. Not Another Song
8. Bleach


Jelly Roll

Set List
1. The Hate Goes On
2. Only
3. Same Asshole
4. Fall in the Fall
5. Son of a Sinner
6. Medley:
Sweet Home Alabama
Smells Like Teen Spirit
99 Problems
Killing in the Name
Beer Never Broke My Heart
7. Smoking Section
8. Creature
9. Dead Man Walking
10. Bottle and Mary Jane
11. Save Me



Set list
1. The Saints of Violence and Innuendo
2. Devil
3. America Burning
4. How Did You Love
5. 45
6. Bully
7. The Crow and the Butterfly
8. Get Up
9. Enemies
10. Daylight
11. Planet Zero
12. Cut the Cord
13. Monsters
14. Second Chance
15. Diamond Eyes
16. Don’t Look Back in Anger (Oasis cover)
17. Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover performed with Jelly Roll)
18. Sound of Madness


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