Wednesday 13 with Mr. Fang and the Dark Tones at Elevation 27 in Virginia Beach September 21, 2022

by Glenn Woodell

Virginia Beach was graced, or rather mortified with the presence of Wednesday 13 as they paid a visit to promote their upcoming album, Horrifier, during their 20 Years of Fear tour. Horror Metal is what I would call them although they’ve fallen under other categories as well. Their show is not so full of horror but their lyrics and of course their dress are.

Frontman, “Wednesday 13”, came from Murder Dolls fame and also played in Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 among other bands and included some songs from earlier bands in the set.

Opening for the show was the regional psychobilly band, Mr, Fang and the Dark Tones. You may have a hard time finding a more charismatic keyboard player than in this band. Imagine The Stray Cats meeting The Munsters and you have the Dark Tones. Fun, weird, entertaining, and suitable for…well, most ages.

Mr. Fang and the Dark Tones


Wednesday 13

Set list
1. Blood Sucker
2. You’re so Hideous
3. Scream Baby Scream
4. Look what the Bats Dragged In
5. Get Your Grave On
6. From Here to Hearse
7. I Want You Dead
8. Serpent Society
9. Good Day to be a Bad Guy
10. Nowhere (Murderdolls)
11. Die My Bride (Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13)
12. Graverobbing USA (Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13)
13. Insides Out
14. Decompose
15. Keep Watching the Skies
16. Home Sweet Homicide
17. I Walked with a Zombie
18. Bad Things
19. I Love to Say *uck (Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13)


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