Daryl Mosely Talks all things Christmas

Americana singer songwriter, Daryl Mosely is with us today to talk about some holiday memories, preferred holiday drinks and more! So let’s dive on in and see what we pick your noggin’ (not egg nog) and learn about you!

Hot chocolate, Eggnog, or Apple Cider?

Hot Chocolate

Do you have a favorite holiday scent?


What are you most thankful for this year?

Health for myself and my family, work to do

Do you enjoy decorating?

Not especially but I enjoy having everyone together while we do it.

Do you enjoy decorating?

Not especially but I enjoy having everyone together to do it.

Let’s settle the debate: does the Christmas tree go up after Halloween or after Thanksgiving?

Ours usually goes up around Thanksgiving.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? If not, are there any that you would like to try or start?

 When the children were small we would do “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Starting on December 14th, we would do a family Christmas event every evening. We would make cookies, crafts, play games, etc. It’s some of their favorite memories (and mine).

How long did you believe in Santa?

I still kind of do. The spirit of Santa and Christmas are an important part of the holidays for us

Do you do your Christmas shopping early, or are you a last second shopper?

 I’m an early shopper. I don’t like the looming deadline.

What does Christmas mean to you?

 It’s about family, traditions, memories, and faith.

We all know Christmas dinners mean some of the dishes that we’ve been craving like homemade dressing, grandma’s turkey and ham. What is the dish you are most looking forward to digging into come Christmas dinner?

At every holiday meal, my mother still makes “ketchup spaghetti.” It’s just ketchup and spaghetti noodles. It’s always the favorite dish on the table for the children.

What are your plans this year for Christmas?

Christmas Eve with the kids, then Christmas day at my mom’s house. Same as every year.

Do you have to have snow to really make it feel Christmas or could you live without it?

 In Tennessee, snow is a special treat – especially on Christmas. We don’t see many white Christmases

Are there any Christmas tunes you like to put on to set the Christmas mood?

I love the classics. Nat “King” Cole singing “The Christmas Song,” Andy Williams singing, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” Bing singing “White Christmas.” It’s just what Christmas sounds like to me.

We see it every year, something new is made smelling or tasting like pumpkin spice. What are your thoughts? Overkill, bring it on, or really do not care?

I’ll pass on all things pumpkin and pumpkin spice.

Do you have any memorable Christmas memories from your childhood or recent that make Christmas a memorable time of year?

I still have the Christmas cards my parents sent the last Christmas before Dad passed away and the last Christmas card my grandmother sent me before she died. I proudly display them every year.

From The Grinch, Santa Claus, Home Alone, there’s tons of Christmas movies to get into the Christmas spirit, Rank your top 5 Christmas movies.

1. White Christmas

2. A Christmas Story

3. The Homecoming (the pilot movie for The Waltons TV show)

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

5. Miracle on 34th Street (the original)

Who would win a fight: Santa or The Grinch?

Santa has him on weight but The Grinch has the reach and anger. I’m going to say The Grinch with a TKO in the 9th round. (But that’s going to mean a lifetime of coal in his stocking.)

Thank you a ton Daryl for your time to chat with us! Daryl Mosely has recently released a Christmas classic “An Old Fashioned Christmas” that is sure to put you in a holiday joy-filled mood while you reminisce on memories of days gone by. To keep up with the latest news stories, upcoming tour dates and more, visit Daryl’s website, darylmosley.com

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