Jake Ybarra Talks all things Christmas

Today we are joined by Jake Ybarra, up and coming American singer songwriter. Jake, working on the finishing touches of his debut album was able to lend us a a few minutes of his time to chat about food and family holiday traditions. Be sure to check out the music video at the end of Jake Yabba’s Late November

Let’s settle the debate: does the Christmas tree go up after Halloween or after Thanksgiving?

After Thanksgiving

Do you have any Christmas traditions? If not, are there any that you would like to try or start?

I’d like to one day go cut down my own tree. I know lots of families do that and I never have. 

 How long did you believe in Santa?

Probably till I was about 5 or 6. I remember being told by some older kids in my neighborhood that he wasn’t real. 

Do you do your Christmas shopping early, or are you a last second shopper?

Last second shopper. I procrastinate like no other. 

What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas to me is just a time to be with family and friends, eat good food and decompress. 

We all know Christmas dinners mean some of the dishes that we’ve been craving like homemade dressing, grandma’s turkey and ham. What is the dish you are most looking forward to digging into come Christmas dinner? 

We grew up doing heavy appetizers/finger foods on Christmas Eve and I always loved it as a kid. Still do. 

What are your plans this year for Christmas?

I’m going home to my parents house in Travelers Rest, SC for a few days. It will be good to hang out with family and go to my favorite local spots. 

Do you have to have snow to really make it feel like Christmas or could you live without it?

I don’t need snow but I prefer it to be cold around Christmas time. 

Are there any Christmas tunes you like to put on to set the Christmas mood?

I enjoy the typical Christmas standards but Merle Haggard’s “If We Make It Through December” is one of my absolute favorites to listen to around the holidays. Phoebe Bridgers has a great version of it too. 

From The Grinch, Santa Claus, Home Alone, there’s tons of Christmas movies to get into the Christmas spirit, Rank your top 5 Christmas movies. 

Love Actually, The Santa Claus, It’s A Wonderful Life, Holidate, The Night Before Christmas

We appreciate Jake’s time and letting us pick his brain a little bit. Jake is about to embark on releasing his debut album “Something In The Water” due out this coming spring. Check out https://www.jakeybarra.com/ for all things Jake Ybarra! Check out his single music video for Late November.

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