Rocknpod Expo and Rare Hare Pre -Concert

Rocknpod Expo /Rare Hare pre-party 2023
Nashville Tennessee was THE Place to be March 17-18-19 2023. Rocknpod is a place for Music Lovers and Podcasters come to unite for an Amazing weekend.
There’s lots of things to see and do for the weekend. First up was the Rare Hare Jam at the East Side Bowl in Nashville. Brought to you by the hardest working musician I know Tyson Leslie ( Keyboardist for Vixen) Rare Hare Features lots of the musicians who would be at the Rocknpod Expo the next day, getting together and singing, Playing and jamming out . Combinations you may never see again. Some of the performers included: Eric Martin( Mr. Big), Tony Harnell (TnT) , Jack Gibson ( Exodus), Jason Mcmasters ( Dangerous Toys) , Stevie Rochelle ( Tuff), Steve Blaze ( Lillian Axe) BeBe Buell , Dylana Nova Scott ( Vain) , Ace Von Johnson ( L.A. Guns), Jeremy Asbrock, ( Ace Frehley band), Brandon Cook( Black N Blue), Mark Andrews( Sedude), Anthony Corder ( Tora Tora), Bob Berryhill ( The Surfaris), Dakota Denman ( Hairball), Jeremy Barbour, Jon Brennan, Martin Motnik ( Accept), Monty Colvin( Galactic Cowboys) , Paul Taylor ( Winger). There were lots more and each person gave it there all to a full crowd. who would have thought they would ever see so many artists paired together on stage with others and it worked so well. Everyone had a rare hare rocking great time!
Saturday was a fun and full day of the Rocknpod Expo .Rocknpod Expo is The Brain Child Of Chris and Aaron from Decible Geek Squad. This Years Rocknpod was located at the Nashville Fairgrounds in one of their Big Expo buildings. You walk in and there’s lots of vendors selling all kinds of stuff. vinyl Records, shirts, jewelry, People dressed up in all kinds of costumes for cosplay, you could buy lightsabers, just a smorgasbord of things. People were walking around with bags full while meeting the artists, getting merchandise and photos and autographs with the artists. Baker Drums were set up with their displays of the drums they made for Eric Singer of Kiss. Those were great to see in person up close too! there were artists doing podcast interviews at tables, there was a stage set up for Artist discussion panels. They had raffles for autograph guitars and Monsters of Rock Cruise giveaways. Lots of Great things. Everyone was having a great time. Chris and Aaron and their crew REALLY out did themselves this year. everything ran great and all the artist I spoke with was having a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see what they have next year! Be sure to go as its always a fun time!
Saturday night was Keel Fest 2. which was at Bowies downtown Nashville. More on them in another article. But it was Awesome!
Sunday was the final day to an Amazing weekend. They had Punchline and Backlines, Music and comedy and a movie! The headliners for the comedy was Craig Gass and Don Jamieson . It also featured Courtney Cronin-Dold and Eric Martin big acoustic set.
Now if that’s not a full and Fun filled weekend I don’t know what is! Be sure to keep up with Rocknpod and come to any of their events as you are guaranteed a great time!
Angela Richardson-Newman Music Matters Magazine.

Rocknpod Expo Photos

Rare Hare Pre Party Concert

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