Graham Nash LIVE Concert Review & Photography Gallery from The Music Hall

Rock Legend and two time Rock’N’Roll Hall Fame Inductee Graham Nash brings his ^0 Years Of songs and stories tour to The Music Hall Portsmouth N.H May 13, 2023 for a night of nostalgia for fans in attendance.

The show had been sold out for months, fans eagerly awaiting in anticipation for Graham Nash to take the stage. Nash, joined by James Raymond (keyboard), and Shane Fontayne (Guitar). Both are master musicians in their own rights.

Graham Nash opens with “WASTED ON THE WAY” Followed by “BUS STOP” (tribute to the Hollies). The fans sounded like Graham’s choir, singing along at the top of their lungs song after song. In between, Graham Nash takes brief moments to draw the crowd in, telling stories from his 60 years of playing music, as well as paying tribute to the people he has performed with over his 60 years.

David Crosby, one legend he pays tribute to. Graham tells about how they worked together to write amazing songs and the lasting bond they had created singing together. At this point, Graham Nash gets on the piano and plays the harmonica while singing, doing a tribute of songs to David Crosby. You can see in his face as he talks and sings how much David Crosby meant to him (True Friends).

As Graham Nash unfolds his career on stage in song and story, fans are glued to their seats in awe of the life lived of their beloved musician standing before them. Moments like this, nostalgic moments and memories

“LOVE THE ONE YOUR WITH”, “OUR HOUSE” and “MARRAKECH EXPRESS” Just to name a few are timeless hits the adoring fans came to see and hear.

With two amazing sets of (Crosby , Stills, Nash & Young ). Graham Nash’s voice has stood the test of time. A true Rock Legend. Two and a half hours of great stories and music.

“TEACH YOUR “ plays as the final song, fans all on their feet, the deafening sound of applause and joyful singing fill the air. Graham Nash thanks everyone for coming to the show in his humble way before the show concluded. A remarkable performance by rock legend Graham Nash was a memorable moment in my life, much like all the other fans that experienced this exciting and once in a lifetime event!


1.Wasted on The way

2. Bus stop

3.Marrakesh Express

4.Find The Cost of Freedom

5.Military Madness

6.Right Between the Eyes

7.I Used to be king

8.Simple man

9.To The last Whale

10.A Day In the life



12.A Case

13.Sleep Song

14.Only love can break Your Heart


16.Golden Days

17. 4+20


19.Just a Song Before I Go

20.Our House


21.Long May You run

22. Chicago

23.You Can Change the World

24.Teach The Children

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