Exclusive Photos: Louder Than Life 2015 Day one Jagermeister stage photos featuring Romantic Rebel, Like A Storm, Aranda, and Issues

Day One of Louder than life began with rain that delayed the opening of the gates as the grounds crew worked hard to lay down wood chips filling in the mudholes/puddles to try and keep festival goers as dry as possible. Luckily the little bit of rain that came throughout the festival was just a drizzle and only a few bands had to be cancelled from the performances. Raven Eye was one of those bands that had to be cancelled today but if you are a Raven Eye fan, lucky you, they rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 11:00 AM on the main south stage. We were there today to cover all of the action on the jägermeister stage and there sure was a lot of it! Romantic Rebel, Like A Storm, Aranda and Issues all played the jägermeister stage today and we have an exclusive sneak peak gallery for you below:

Photos Courtesy of Jason Evans at http://www.jevansphotos.com

Please do not copy, use or alter images in any way without prior consent from Jason Evans Photography

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