Country Music stars speak out about PTSD Awareness for “Iron Will”; A Movie Narrated by Billy Bob Thornton

Country Music Stars Charlie Daniels, Stephen Cochran and Big Kenny are some of the biggest supporters of our Active Duty US Military and Veterans. “Iron Will: A Veteran’s Battle with PTSD” is due to be released in 2016 and is narrated by Billy Bob Thornton. Much of our US Military suffer from PTSD, Depression and even suicide. This documentary will bring awareness to those that suffer or are close to those that are suffering and reach out for help and to understand that they are not alone. Watch the movie trailer below.

The Story Behind “Iron Will: A Veteran’s Battle with PTSD”

“The award-winning production companies of Skydive Films, Indiewood Pictures and Silver Phoenix proudly present the powerful and important documentary IRON WILL: A Veteran’s Battle with PTSD. Narrated by Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton. 

 The journey into the lives of Veterans suffering with some form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); a disorder that claims the lives of 670 Veterans monthly. 

 IRON WILL’s mission is to bring awareness and support to Veterans by sharing their first-person powerful and personal stories. The feature will include groundbreaking interviews on wartime situations, statistics, and an in-depth look into the daily struggle of Veteran’s with PTSD.  

 Our goal is to engage, educate and enlighten the world to the struggle faced by Veterans battling PTSD, while at the same time empowering Veterans who face this daily struggle every day. The film is produced by Zac Adams and Tim VandeSteeg and directed by Sergio Valenzuela.”


If you feel called to donate to the cause for “Iron Will: A Veteran’s Battle with PTSD” Please Crowdfund them on:


Check out more footage on the documentary below:


 Charlie Daniels speaks about his support of our Armed Forces in the video below:

Billy Bob Thornton brings awareness and light to the issues our Veterans face on a daily basis when suffering from PTSD as narrator of the upcoming documentary film; “Iron Will: A Veteran’s Battle with PTSD”


One thought on “Country Music stars speak out about PTSD Awareness for “Iron Will”; A Movie Narrated by Billy Bob Thornton

  1. My dad has been struggling with the loss of a friend that he was in Vietnam with in 1965. They both made it home but lost touch. By the time I located his friend the man had already passed on. That’s when PTSD hit hard for my dad. The way he has been working through it is incredible and has to be seen. He started out by building something small in his front yard to Honor his friend. It grew by others wanting their lived ones names from around the country. It has become known as the Military Honor Wall. Now it’s grown even bigger and our small town has given him permanent use of some property to build the “Military Honor Park”. You would have to see it for yourself. My dad will be 73 this month. It’s been near impossible to get out side media attention.
    Plz help


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