Bryan Martin Releases Powerful Single “Poets & Old Souls”

From the oil fields of Louisiana to the stage with a guitar and soul full of experiences to tell; Bryan Martin drives home a powerful message with newest single “Poets & Old Souls” off his new album “Poets & Old Souls”.

Bryan, a blue collar worker who would use his free time to write “Songwriting has always just been a hobby – a passion,” said Bryan who is celebrating the success of one of his songs, “Beauty In The Struggle,” which went viral on TikTok and hit the radar of music industry executives. “I started this for fun, but now I’m doing what I love for a living.” Bryan remarked.

This single “Poets & Old Souls” is nothing short of a life of one who gives the world more than he takes. Keeping true to traditional county and the concert of country music; three chords and the truth is what Bryan paints.

“You take the pain

you write it down

you sing your song

word slowly gets around

there’s some that think it’s easy

I’m here to tell ya it just ain’t so

it’s a lonely road for poets and old souls”

The single is off his latest album “Poets & Old Souls” which is a 9 track album filled with hits. Haven’t heard of Bryan Martin before? That’s okay, check him out here on Spotify:

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