The Temperance Movement: Live From Columbus, Ohio!

Damon Wilson, Drums

The Arena District in Columbus, Ohio, was treated to a night of rock as The Temperance Movement performed at the A&R Music Bar located in the heart of the city. The band performed a magnificent set to a full house. The Temperance Movement is a proper rock band rooted in blues-rock with influences of alternative and heavy rock. Phil Campbell, who provides lead vocals, has a distinctive voice full of passion and angst that is perfectly suited for the band’s heavy-hitting chords. sign


Having recently released their album White Bear, The Temperance Movement has been on the road promoting it in both Europe and the United States. Prior to the show, I spoke about the album with  Paul Sayer who shared with me how the US and UK versions differ in terms of additional tracks (the US version containing thirteen tracks and the UK version having fewer). The live performance of album’s title track, “White Bear”, was stripped down from the recorded version and suited the song well. Personally, I would have loved to hear an all-out jam session between Paul Sayer and Matt White, both focused and technical guitar players. Lending to the band’s already skillful lineup is Nick Fyffe, a bassist with deliberate and laid back style. He continuously watched his band mates and made the bass seem like an effortless art. Rounding out The Temperance Movement’s lineup is drummer is Damon Wilson. He lends the perfect raw edge to a sound so technically polished and articulated.

Paul Sayer, Guitar

The evening’s encore was “Serenity” from their self-titled album released in 2013. The band was well received by their audience and they could have easily played into the early morning hours as far as the crowd was concerned. The Temperance Movement is a band worthy of putting on to your radar. They will be the opening band opening for The Revivalists this fall. I would highly recommend getting out and catching their set live or checking out White Bear on iTunes and Amazon. Their current discography is available, on CD, Vinyl and Digital Download. The Temperance Movement will not disappoint!

Nick Fyffe, Bass

A&R Music Bar Set list – 7/22/2016

Battle Lines

3 Bulleits

Midnight Black

Oh Lorraine

White Bear


Be Lucky


Ain’t No Telling

Modern Massacre

Get Yourself Free

Only Friend

Take it Back



Writer: Amanda Knight

All Photos: Amanda Knight

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