Pierce The Veil Takes Marquee Theatre in Mesa, Arizona!

Pierce The Veil Concert Review
Made To Destroy Tour
with I Prevail; Neck Deep & Pierce The Veil
by Song River

There is a sonic organic defining when it comes to certain bands. A motion occurs, an unexplainable thread connects each band member to each band member and it all translates to their audience completing this intense vibe, a complete circuit of undeniable and passionate unity. cgz-2025

Pierce the Veil, the quartet reigning from San Diego, is well known for their high-energy performances and stage presence, have been out on their most recent tour, Made To Destroy, with Neck Deep and I Prevail. The have met well beyond the expectations driven throughout this epic centered tour. With some bumps and heartache along the way, (Ben Barlow unexpectedly lost his father and I Prevails van caught fire and they lost most of their belongings), but this was to be the three bands on the Made To Destroy tour that were going to figure out how to make this work and be supportive through it all.
Now this is what music is all about… cgz-2052

Opening the night at the Marquee Theater in Mesa, Arizona on October 14th to a packed house of fans who were ready to create a night of partying with three of their favorite bands. Lead vocalists, Brian Burkheiser (clean vocals) and Eric Vanlerberghe (unclean vocals) hit the stage and lit the stage with their metalcore. BAM! The connection was sparked, and the night was set to be one of the best shows of the year. Their cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and Pantera’s “Walk” along with their originals set the evenings tone. I Prevail blasted out tunes from their album, Lifelines (2016), to an audience that moved in unison, moshing, body surfing, and jamming in cynic
A quick set change, and the crowd was kept entertained listening to My Chemical Romance, A Day to Remember, and Twenty-One Pilots blaring over the venue speakers. It was time for Neck Deep to take the stage. cgz-8425-2

Bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans took to the stage first and explained the situation that had arisen with their lead vocalist and friend, Ben Barlow’s father, and told the fans that many of the road crew was going to be stepping up tonight to do the vocals for Ben. Fil stated his gratitude and said that this crew had gone so far beyond taking Neck Deep to the next level, as many of the songs the vocalists who exchanged front vocal positions throughout their set, had only learned the lyrics in less than 24-hours. With that, Neck Deep began and the mosh pit opened wide in the middle of the audience crowd, the death wall dropped, Neck Deep played mostly from their Life’s Not Out To Get You (2015) album. This joint feeling of working together emanated deep and resonated itself over the whole crowd. As it was observed even the huge mosh pit crowd were watching out for each other, stopping their motions when someone needed to get out, or stooped to tie their own shoe laces. The entire crowd joined in singing along. It was quite a monumental moment to observe the meeting of fun with kindness and respect. cgz-2418

The hour had finally arrived for Pierce the Veil to set up. The PTV crew dropped a heavy white tapestry to block the crowd’s view, which left the entire crowd of fans anxiously waiting as the venue buzzed with anticipation. About thirty-minutes later, the lights dropped, the crowd screamed “Pierce The Veil!” and a video featuring artwork from the “Misadventures” album cover was projected on the tapestry. As the video came to an end the sheet fell to the ground to unveil a space themed set design. Greenish hues and fog filled the stage as one-by-one the members of Pierce the Veil exited the spaceship on stage dressed up in the attire of astronauts. As they unzipped their ‘astronaut jumpsuit attire’ they stepped forward and the crowd pushed forward, fists pumping, bodies jamming, and voices joining in. cgz-9409
Red and white bits of confetti exploded, the light show began and Pierce the Veil opened with “Dive In.” A complete show picked a diverse mix from three of their four albums. What was totally cool too was they choose two song that had never been performed on a US tour prior to this, “Hold On ‘Till May” and “Kissing in Cars.” Lead singer Vic Fuentes always makes takes his time to make their shows something more than just their band playing music, during their set he would tell personal stories behind the creation of the songs. As always Jamie Preciado brings his high energy and jumps along with his wide toothed grin that wins the audience over to even to express themselves more so. Tony Perry certainly lives up to his legendary ability as lead guitarist and Mike Fuentes on drums is the pivotal foundation point of what PTV brings.


They ended their set with “King For A Day” and didn’t have an encore, which some of the audience was disappointed over, but they were stoked as the whole evening brought a unison of community together. This was an evening of open honesty and it translated over to the entire packed house. This tour was a complete link. Catch Peirce The Veil as they head over to Europe and continue their global rock connection.

I Prevail

Neck Deep

Pierce The Veil

All Photos: Song River



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