D.L. Marble talks about musical heroes, struggles growing up without a father and Namm 2017!

Country, Americana and Rock and roll artist D.L. Marble took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with us at Music Matters Magazine! Check out what D.L. had to say and be sure to check out the official website and the band’s upcoming NAMM Nissan Grand stage performance!

D.L. Marble

NAMM Nissan Grand Plaza

Thursday, January 19, 2017

12:00pm to 12:40pm

MMM: First off I would like to ask how long have you been making music personally and also how long have you been developing your sound with the current band members?
D.L.: I started playing guitar after I snuck into the Old Long Wongs in Tempe and saw The Refreshments.. I was 17 I think… so I started trying to play music back in 1996 I guess.  Matt Rupnow my Guitar player and I have been together for 5 years, Pauly Williams {Bass }for 3 years and AD for just over 2 years.
MMM: The latest DL Marble album “Hard to Quit” was released in 2015 and is a refreshing listen. So much of country music these days is almost “Cookie Cutter” if you know what I mean. How would you describe your musical style to our readers that have never listened to DL Marble?
I haven’t really listened to country music in years, of course I hear it from every cover band across the country, and honestly I cant tell them apart.  I just wrote what was inside, and what I know about.  Its easier that way, and true song writing isn’t easy, but I got good advice early on and I try to stick to it.
MMM: Is there a new album in the works? When can it be expected?
Always writing. Like all things, it comes down to cash.  We’re hoping for May… songs are there, for the most part, but it will happen.
MMM: Tell us about your musical background, are you a multi-instrumentalist or do you stick with the guitar?
I play guitar well enough to write and play songs. I’m not great musician, but I have improved over the years. I can hold my own.
MMM: What is your go to guitar?
1997 Washburn J58…  it’s an awesome guitar
 MMM: After exploring your facebook page I see many influences listed, If you had to pick one musical hero/icon to share a songwriting session with who would it be?
Good one…  damn, That’s really Hard.. I would say Ray Wylie Hubbard at the moment. I could ask him though and with luck he might say yes. Someone I have no chance in hell would be Lindsay Buckingham.
MMM: If you could invite one musical hero to sing a duet with you on your next album who would you ask and why?
Jimmy Buffet,  I’m a pirate
MMM: If You could choose any musical hero to share a world tour with, who would it be?
There are so many, but to be 100% honest, probably Eric Church. I really believe that if we could get our music to the “mainstream” country listeners that we would have a huge impact and change peoples lives.
MMM: Which Musical hero would you just like to kick back and drink a beer with?
We have been so blessed to have played with almost all of our major influences so we have a shallow bucket list. I would say Frank Turner.
MMM: Is D.L. short for anything?
Yes. No I’m not telling
MMM: Are You a family man?
I’m a single dad with 2 children. A nine year old little girl and a seven year old little boy. I have more than 50% custody.   It’s a struggle, but I have a great family and my first wife,  the children’s mom is good at helping out when we hit the road.
MMM: Do you have any personal hobbies outside of music that you would like to share with us?
I like boats, beach, I scuba dive, I surf (not well).  We spend a lot of time in Mexico so that is amazing.  In the states, it’s guns, hunting, fishing etc. I mostly like to hang out with my band and family.
MMM: If you don’t mind, tell us about your background growing up. Lots of children are growing up without fathers in their lives, what were some of your struggles being raised by a single mom?
It wasn’t easy. My mom did her best. We drove a Volkswagen bug, played loud music, and had a good life. I could look back and bitch about it, but I wouldn’t be who I am now if it didn’t happen that way.
MMM: What were some of your family struggles?
Mom worked a lot, which was hard on her and us, but I learned that if you never quit and keep working your ass off you can get anything you want. Not having a Dad sucked. I mean I have friends whose parents were divorced but at least they had a father. Mine was MIA and in prison most of the time. That sucked. 
MMM: What are some of the strengths that you feel like you’ve gained by being raised by a single mother?
It made me strong, soft and tough. It made me a lover and a fighter. It made me Rock and Roll.
MMM: Did your father have any interaction with you at all growing up?
Not really. When he finally did, it turns out I was better off with out him.
MMM: If you had to describe your childhood in a song title what would it be?
Can’t Always Get What You Want
 MMM: ***This or That***
Old Country or New Country?
Old (Waylon, Willie, Chris Ledoux)
Baseball or Football? 
Whiskey or Beer?
Hot or Cold? 
Cats or Dogs? 
Dogs  (RIP MONA)
Steak or chicken?
The New Year:
-How did you celebrate? 
Just Hung out. I try to stay way from the craziness on amateur night.
-Any resolutions that you would like to share?
I quit Smoking a month or so ago. I’m trying to keep up with that. Also, I had a dream that I should get sober, so I’m giving that a try. I haven’t lost my mind or anything, I might drink and what not this year. I just don’t want to so much. I need to get in better shape and I want to live a while.
MMM: You will be attending NAMM this month, what are your plans for the event?
Yeah, the boys and I will play Nissan Grand Stage on the 19th at noon. We have demos inside the convention with the companies that endorse us including Curt Mangan Strings, Spector Basses, Washburn Guitars, Kala Brand Guitars, and Shubb Capos.
MMM: Do you have a schedule put together yet?
We’re looking for shows while were out on the coast, nothing yet. Going to start booking for 2017.

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