Tommy Paris Releases Debut Solo Album

Tommy Paris is no stranger to heavy, hair-laden rock having worked on various projects throughout his career. Most notably, he has experienced successes with glam metal band, Britny Fox. Tommy’s first solo endeavors can he heard on his debut album featuring The Tommy Paris Band. With smoking, hair-metal tracks one would expect from a seasoned rocker as Tommy, the album boasts screaming guitar solos, riffs and a collaboration of musicianship! Featured tracks from the album  such as “Ready to Bleed” and “Down Down” are featured at Tommy Paris Online. Tommy shared some insights about the album and what’s been keeping him busy as well!

Q: Hi Tommy! How are things with you? What’s been going on this summer?

A: I’ve been touring with Count’s 77 featuring Danny “Count” Koker from the History Channel’s Hit TV show “Counting Cars.” We’ve done concerts in Boston, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado, Washington and more. We’re on a short hiatus at the moment. I’ve been forming my brand new solo band as well which is coming along nicely.

Q: Your most recent self-titled album is available for purchase and it’s a fantastic journey of heavy, high-energy metal. Is there anyone with whom you collaborated with that was especially important to your project?

A: Absolutely. I played 1/4 of the leads on the CD, wrote and produced a great many of the others. However, I had awesome guitar players in Las Vegas play the rest of the leads. Some can’t be credited due to label/management restrictions. K. Caruso, who is the stage manager for Count’s 77 but has also played guitar with Clint Black and many rock and metal bands, (he’s also an awesome singer) played some lead guitar on the CD. Namely the main lead in the song, “Ready to Bleed.” Another friend of mine, Tony Lopez, played many leads on the CD as well. Most notably on “Go Be” and “You Lose”. They were all important in crafting what I wanted which was a straight ahead, rock/metal CD.

Q: Tommy, you obviously have a lot of experience in the studio and as a touring musician since your past and current involvement with Britny Fox. In what way has releasing an album as a solo artist been different from releasing an album as a band; for better or worse?

A: In a band, it can be a lot of fun to jam on ideas together and then assemble them for recording. In my solo band, I can have my vision more fully realized with less restrictions and limitations.

Q: How would say your personal sound has evolved or matured through the years?

A: Currently, I’ve been singing and writing songs in different keys than before which is refreshing. In the past, the band was centered around particular keys and we had a surplus of tunes that were in similar pitches. I’m also happier with the the new Tommy Paris Band CD than with anything else I’ve written and recorded in the past; in a band or on my own. I’m more in tune with what I want to sound like these days.

Q: One thing about the album I thought was very well done is the way you’ve stayed true to the ‘hair metal’ sound and showcased your talent through obvious guitar technique. The music seems to come effortlessly to you so I’m wondering if the lyrics come just as easily?

A: Thank you, that’s cool to hear. This CD sounds like what I’ve been wanting to sound like for a long time. Lyrics come easily once I have the general spirit of the song intact.

Q: I’ve had several conservations with artists recently about technology in music. What are your thoughts on the role technology plays in today’s music industry?

A: I love recording with computers and love all the modern technology. There are far more options available which in some ways can be absolutely priceless but at the same time, a wall in the way. Quincy Jones, (Michael Jackson Producer), said too many options can cause “paralysis by analysis” meaning you can have so many options that you can’t make concrete decisions. The Beatles had to record drums, bass and guitar onto 3 separate tracks, make a good mix of those, bounce them to track 4, erase tracks 1, 2 and 3 and continue doing overdubs. They couldn’t go back, it was in cement. To go back, they’d have to start from scratch again. I like to base recordings on capturing musicians playing instruments and getting great performances, first and foremost. Onto tape, or into a computer, I like to have the musicians at the center of all that’s happening. Once the tracks are done and it’s time to mix, the technology is a powerful tool.

Q: Will you be doing any touring locally or nationally to promote the album?

A: I just played the first show with my new band at Vamp’d in Las Vegas, opening for Lynch Mob. Danny from Counting Cars came up and sang “Ace Of Spades” by Motorhead, it was a blast! My new band features: Rob Math from Leatherwolf on Lead Guitar, Brad Lang from Ratt and Y&T on Bass/Vocals and Lez Warner from The Cult on Drums Great and talented guys. They’re a cool band! We will be touring nationally in the near future.

Q: What else would you like to add, Tommy? Thanks to all who’ve picked up the new CD online!


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