Life Is A Story: Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver

With over 40 albums under their belt, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver are at it again bringing a masterpiece to life through traditional bluegrass and story telling song writing. As Doyle has put it, “Life itself is really a continuous story that embraces the beginning, the middle and inevitable ending.” He sums it up perfectly in this astounding  album.

The album starts with “Kids These Days” which is a personal favorite of my own. It’s a song about enjoying what you have as you’re growing up and seeing the changes twenty years later of how things are different. “Little Girl” is a song the band often uses in sound checks and they love the song so much they decided to add it to the album, the same song John Michael Montgomery sang in the 90’s. A song about a child’s innocence and God’s love.

As life goes on, we grow up and that’s what’s conveyed in “Life of a Hardworking Man” and “Life To My Days”. “The guys wanted to create a character within the narrative – and so they crafted this hammer-banging, big machine thumping tale of a typical working man.”, said Doyle. Working hard and getting the job done, which happens to be the biggest part of life which Doyle describes perfectly.

In life, whether it be family or a significant other, you’ll suffer a broken heart.”I See a Heartbreak Comin’ ” reflects this heartbreak . It is a classic in the making!

My other personal favorite track is “Guitar Case”. Trying to love someone and just not being able to feel that connection and not wanting to break someone’s heart. Realizing you just have to pack up and try to move on. Then sometimes the right words at the right time can make all the difference. 

“Bluegrass Blues”, is a song about loss and the sad blues of life with a  bluegrass twist that shoots the soul. “Derailed”,  is a classic tale of looking back in the one you thought you couldn’t live without and your world becomes derailed with each passing thought of them.

Just when you thought love couldn’t live in your life anymore, here it comes again! “Now There’s Happiness in my World and Love Lives again.” “love Lives Again” is a song that reaches the heart of us all! 

Saying goodbye is hard and leaving isn’t fun for anyone “Crying Across Kansas” gives us the heartfelt walk through painful love lost and trying to start over.

Another personal favorite of mine and a song that evokes the essence of true Bluegrass music is “Drivin’ It Home” it’s foot-stomping banjo reaches deep into the roots of Bluegrass!


(From Left to Right: Dustin Pyrtle, Joe Dean, Eli Johnston, Stephen Burwell, DOYLE LAWSON (in Hat) and Josh Swift)          
Photo Credit- Carson Waugh


“Kids These Days” (Alex Dooley, Tom Botkin, Kevin Denny)

“Little Girl” (Harley Lee Allen)

“Life Of A Hard Workin’ Man” (Joe Dean, Eli Johnston, Dustin Pyrtle)

“Life To My Days” (Jerry Salley, Lee Black, Devin McGlamery)

“I See A Heartbreak Comin’” (Doyle Lawson, Paul M. Humphrey)

“Guitar Case” (Donna Ulisse, Marc Rossi)

“What Am I Living For” (Fred Jay, Art Harris)

“Bluegrass Blues” (Kieran Francis Kane, James Paul O’Hara)

“Derailed” (Paula Breedlove, Brad Davis)

“Love Lives Again” (George Richey, Carmol Taylor, Norris D. Wilson)

“Cry Across Kansas” (Dale Pyatt, Mike Evans)

“Drivin’ It Home” (Jerry Salley, Kerry Kurt Phillips)



(Doyle Lawson pictured above photo credit- Carson Waugh)

This is one of the best Bluegrass albums I’ve listened to past and present and will be difficult for Doyle Lawson or any other artist to top. It covers all aspects of life, love, heart break, and death. Its the full circle of life in a album and many strive to bring together a masterpiece like this at some point in their career and here it is.

you can visit they’re website for your copy of “Life Is a Story” and while your at it check out they’re tour dates and find a city near you!

Stay up to date with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver:

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver


Twitter: @DLQuicksilver



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