The Grascals “BEFORE BREAKFAST” Album set to release September 1st

Bluegrass has been a timeless tradition from the hills of Kentucky and Virginia to the music city of Tennessee. Their songs are  perfected in a way very few bands can do. The Grascals bring to life “Before Breakfest” with the listener submerging their selfs into the stories.

The Grascals is a sextet comprised of Danny Roberts, Terry Eldredge, Kristin Scott Benson, Terry Smith, Adam Haynes, and John Bryan. This marks the bands 10th album. Music that’s modern with the times of today, yet baptized in traditional bluegrass values of soul, story telling, and paired with their talented musicianship is what sets The Grascals apart.

Timely yet timeless, The Grascals make music that is entirely relevant to the here and now, while acknowledging the traditional values that birthed the genre.  Their cutting-edge modern Bluegrass is delivered with a deep knowledge of, and admiration for, the work of the music’s founding fathers.  It’s a unique sound that has earned the group three Grammy® nominations and two Entertainer of the Year awards from the International Bluegrass Music Association, as well as national media attention that seems to perpetually elude other acts entrenched in niche genres.  High-profile appearances include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Fox & Friends, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and CBS’ The Talk.  The bastions of Country and Bluegrass continue to welcome them, as evidenced by 150-plus performances on the Grand Ole Opry.  Additional honors include President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Ball at the Smithsonian and two performances for President George W. Bush.

“Sleepin’ With The Reaper” is a classic tale of a man and a woman’s promise that just goes south with both barrels!

“Demons” is my personal favorite from the album because of it’s soulful melody.

The upbeat love song, “Delia” will get fans up on the dance floor.

The great thing about bluegrass is the love for God in song. “I’ve Been Redeemed” brings glory to God in a way that one should.

A beautiful banjo pickin’ and violin melody is “Lonesome”.

If planting bottle caps would work, I’m sure this song wouldn’t exist. “Beer Tree” makes you smile and want to try to plant a bottle cap of your own.

“Pathway Of Teardrops” a heartbreak song of wishing the one that left would find their way back through the pathway of tears. Written in perfection by W. P. Walker, W. Pierce, J. Hazlewood

Sometimes you don’t need lyrics to make a great song, just some good old fashioned pickin will do the trick! “Lynchburg Chicken Run” will make you grab your partner and spin her around, stomp your leg and go crazy! I love the upbeat rhythm from start to finish, it gives a new meaning to bluegrass instrumental music.

This worship song “He Took Your Place” is beautifully written and brings home the great lengths of Gods love for each and every one of us so we wouldn’t have to be on that cross.

“Lost and Lonesome” a tale of a man looking out his window, sleeping in his bed with no success or happiness because he’s lost and Lonesome for her.

“There Is You”, ” is another praising song which sheds light on God’s promise to never leave us for he is the way. Such a phenomenal way to give glory to our God!

Hitting the nail on the head is “Clear Corn Liquor” because there’s nothing that ” Will hit you quicker than a red headed woman and clear corn liquor”. This fun quirky tune will keep you hitting the repeat button!

The 12-song collection will be available September 1.  Fans who pre-order HERE now will receive “Sleepin’ With The Reaper” as a “grat track.”    



Sleepin’ With The Reaper (B. Buller/G. Williams)

Demons (B. Anderson/J. Randall)

Delia (J. Weisberger/C. Chamberlain/C. Humphrey III)

I’ve Been Redeemed (M. Dylan/R. Edwards)

Lonesome (B. Smith/T. Smith)

Beer Tree (H. Allen/R. E. Orrall)

Pathway Of Teardrops (W. P. Walker/W. Pierce/J. Hazlewood)

Lynchburg Chicken Run (D. Roberts/A. Haynes)

He Took Your Place (L. Flatt/E. Scruggs)                 

Lost And Lonesome (P. Overstreet/ B. Smith)                     

There Is You (K. Harrigill)

Clear Corn Liquor (T. Stafford/B.Starnes)



The Grascals



Twitter: @TheGrascals    


Mountain Home Music Company


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