Hardwired Headlines The Hog Wild Harley Give Away Concert in Maryville Tennessee with Special Rockstar Drummer Sandy Gennaro

Friday September 29th 2017 , Local Knoxville Tennessee Band Hardwired Headlined the Hog Wild Harley Give Away at The Smokey Mountain Harley Davidson’s The Shed. Sponsored by Local Radio Station 103.5 WIMZ  , Coors Light, and Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson. Hardwired is a local Classic Rock Band out of Knoxville Tennessee headed by lead singer and keyboard player Cheri Spinazzolla who can belt out Great classic rock songs by Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Ted Nugent, Ac/Dc to name a few. This girl can channel Robert Plant when she sings Zeppelin., Steve Vandergriff on guitar can really Rock and Wade West on Bass keeps the beat going. Sitting in on Drums was a special guest drummer, Rockstar Drummer Sandy Gennaro,who fit right in . They played an Awesome mix of Classic Rock before the Harley Give Away.
Sandy who was born in New York.  Has played with a little bit of everyone over the years including the likes of  Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper, Johnny Winter, The Monkeys, Bo Diddley, Pat Travers, Robin Gibb, BlackJack/Michael Bolton/Bruce Kulick.The Mamas and The Papas, Kip Winger, he has even Jammed before with Lita Ford. Sandy was Amazing to watch on Drums! He now Lives in Nashville Tennessee, where when not on the road he gives private lessons in his studio. He has Instructional Videos ,Dvd’s and books called “The Ultimate Beginner Series: Drum Basics” and “Contemporary Rock Styles For The Drums”. Hes made several tv appearance’s, over the years including The Tonight Show, The Grammy Awards, among others. He also is a great and popular counselor at the rock and roll fantasy camp. He’s also a corporate inspirational speaker. He calls his program B.E.A.T.S. (Belief/Enthusiasm/Attitude/Tenacity/Service) Beating the drums and beating the odds .Sandy is a very smart, very talented and very nice guy.
Sandy endorses DW Drums,pedals and hardware, To keep up with and get more info on sandy can be found at sandygennaro.com more info on hardwired can be found at reverbnation.com/hardwired4
Review by Angela R. Newman Music Matters Magazine 2017

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