Kaylee Rutland Releases New EP, That Side of Me

Singer, songwriter Kaylee Rutland released her EP today (Oct 9th). This EP is Produced by Grammy nominee and mentor Jamie O’ Neal. Given the title “That Side Of Me” gives listeners a personal look into Kaylee’s life.

“My hope and goal of the EP is that when people listen to the songs, it will help reveal a different side of them, as it did for me,” Rutland commented about the new release.

Rutland continues to earn a name for herself among Country fans and industry supporters, including Disney’s Phil Guerini who commented saying, “Disney needs people like Kaylee Rutland.” She was also included in Country Living Magazine’s “Artist to Watch in 2017,” Billboard Magazine’s “Top 10 Artists to Watch.”

For more information, visit http://www.kayleerutland.com and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

That Side of Me Track Listing:

“Trick Candle” (Lauren Lucas, Kaylee Rutland)
“That Side of Me” (Minnie Murphy, Jamie O’Neal, Kaylee Rutland)
“Crushin’ On You” (Stephanie Bentley, Rob Crosby, Kaylee Rutland)
“Pick Me Up” (Minnie Murphy, Jamie O’Neal, Kaylee Rutland)
“More of That” (Minnie Murphy, Jamie O’Neal, Kaylee Rutland)
“Rumor Has It” (Adele and Ryan Tedder)

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