Digital Criminals new single release of “Move It” review

These Welsh rockers Digital Criminals know how to bring the beat with their latest “Move It” single. Digital Criminals have seen huge success with their “Woman Of Rock” tour. A tour with fellow female rockers that displayed the point that women can rock just as hard as the guys…if not harder.


“Move It” is a high energy upbeat non-stop tune that makes fans “move it to the beat”! If your looking for a song to get you going THIS IS THE song to get you moving!

Emily Batess vocals are compelling and her sensational voice hits every note with perfection. Paired with dynamic guitar riffs this song is a soon to but hit!

The video gives fans a taste of their intensity and energetic stage performance as Emily is all over the stage and even into the crowd.

Overall “Move It” is one of the best rock songs of it’s time. Digital Criminals are on their way to the top of the worlds rock scene and with this single their one step closer!


Heres the the offical music video! Check it out now!

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