HEAVEN & EARTH new video for “Hard To Kill” review

HEAVEN & EARTH just released their latest video for “Hard To Kill” from their fourth studio album, “Hard To Kill”. This rock band brings to life their influences of rock and blue out in their music and “Hard To Kill” screams rock n roll at its finest!

HEAVEN & EARTH features Joe Retta (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), Stuart Smith (guitars), Lynn Sorensen (bass and vocals), keyboardist Ty Baillie (who has played with Katy Perry and Robbie Robertson), and essential to the album with his songwriting and intense drumming is Kenny Aronoff, who has been a sideman to countless bands both live and in-studio including Bob Seger, John Mellencamp, and the Rolling Stones. Mike Mangan (Hammond organ and keyboards) and Steven Wilson (drums, percussion, vocals).acaganpr_Color2017ShelbyCarol--2

Joe Retta says: “Rock and the blues have had a huge influence on our music. With sexy grooves and powerful attitudes, these tunes reflect the time with soulful power and lyrical punch.”

Photo Credit:Shelby Carol (Photo on the right)

Stuart Smith adds “I feel this is the most powerful and exciting HEAVEN & EARTH album to date and we’re looking forward to bringing the music to the fans.”

I had the change to check out the music video and it lives up to the hype! This IS ROCK-N-ROLL! This is the sound that made rock and roll what is was and what it always be. Jam packed with deep thrilling guitar riffs, an impressive and moving keys solo by Mile Mangan! Lead singer Joe Retta brings this song “Hard To Kill” to life with his powerful and soulful vocals. The performance in the music video is simply a small taste of what fans will experience attending Heaven & Earth live!




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