Vintersea releases new single “Skies Set Ablaze” review


Oregon Melodic Metal Band Vintersea has released the Official Music Video for the single “Skies Set Ablaze,” off of their debut album The Gravity of Fall. “Skies Set Ablaze” was produced, directed, and edited by Karl Whinnery

Vintersea is made up of lead guitarist Jorma Spaziano, guitarist Riley Nix, drummer Jeremy Spencer, and lead vocals Aveienne.

“Skies Set Ablaze” starts out with a really intriguing long guitar strumming intro paired with a steady beat of the drums before Aveienne brings the soft spoken lyrics alive and then…The metal comes to life with beautiful guitar riffs and intense drumming and Aveienne breaks out into screaming lyrics. A roller coaster between a slow beat and soft melody to moments of fully charged guitars and roaring of vocals. A trill seeking song with intense and relatable lyrics and musically sound “Skies Set Ablaze”.

This song is packed full of melody, deep vocals, and Instrumentally sound. The music video is fun with the band in a room playing then flashes to an out door snowy scene where Aveienne is walking in a hooded cape singing. The ending for the video was spectacular to see, We won’t spoil it for you, the link is below so you can see it for yourself!

Vintersea is a metal band to keep your eye on, because they are quickly making a name for themselves among fans locally and internationally.




Other tracks on the new album “The Gravity Of Fall” from Vintersea

Track List:
1. Arise
2. The Host
3. Entities
4. Skies Set Ablaze
5. The Holy Procession
6. The Gravity of Fall
7. Crevasse
8. Embers
9. Twinleaf
10. Mirror Lake

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