Jane N’ The Jungle Release Official Music Video for “Wild Side” Review

Alternative rock band Jane N The Jungle, from Phoenix, AZ, has sparked a blasé in  indie alternative music with their unique stage performance paired with lead vocals that are one of a kind. Jane and her “Tribe” are making a big splash in the indie scene with their ability to bring together the glory days sound of the 90’s alt. rock era meshed to perfection with modern rock. Something we haven’t quite seen before, and what will put Jane N’ The Jungle on a whole new level of rock.


Jane N’ The Jungle recently released the official music video for “Wild Side”, a catchy anthem that puts their flashy and flamboyant personalities on display. The same in which you would see live in concert.

Jane has stunning vocals that reach out and get your attention, not bore you for three minutes. Starting the song with a strong guitar solo Jane enters with her strong vocals. Jane takes you back to alternate rocks greatest time with her passionate voice and hitting notes high and low. Bringing out the influences of The Cranberries, and Florence and The Machine in the beat of the music to the depth of the lyrics.

The video is fun, colorful, and animated. From playing in a garage to wearing spandex running through the streets in confident fashion. The video is filmed and directed by Will Goldstein.

I enjoy the song and I listen to them almost daily now that I’ve discovered the band. With the song that is easily distinguished as Jane N’ The Jungle I believe it will not be long before the band is called up on the big stage taking on bigger venues and working with the biggest bands in the world. Stacked with fascinating musician’s and incredible vocals, Jane N’ The Jungle is only at the beginning of showing the world their “Wild Side”.

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