SIDELINE Promotes Upcoming Album With Ethereal Rendition Of “Song For A Winter’s Night”

Sideline is back at it and this time they released “Song For A Winter’s Night” to support the release of their upcoming album. The song is now available for fans to stream and download on all digital platforms, following a global premiere on Roughstock. You can also find Sideline on radio at AirPlay Direct, and a compelling, black & white music video that can be seen below.

This Bluegrass band can do it all. They have the individual talent to come together to form a band that can strike you at the heart and can draw you in and feel what is such a beautiful song. Accommodating such a beautiful song is the black and white video that sets the tone for the entire track. Multi instrumental  and vocals that can thrill and calm the soul all wrapped up in one band, that’s what Sideline is. “Song For A Winter’s Night” is absolutely beautiful and they selected a perfectly written and composed song to promote their album.

Cherryholmes notes, “The band knocked this arrangement out of the park, and I’m excited for everyone to hear it.” Skip was introduced to Rice’s version of the song while putting together ideas for a tribute to him many years ago. “Tony’s interpretation was incredible,” Skip recalls. “We rehearsed it repeatedly for the show honoring him, and that gave me a very intimate connection with the tune.”


If I could only have you near

To breathe a sigh or two

I would be happy just to hold the hands I love


On this winter night with you (G. Lightfoot)



A pedigreed six-piece powerhouse that has set the pace in Bluegrass for over two decades, SIDELINE was founded by Steve Dilling (banjo), Skip Cherryholmes (guitar) and Jason Moore (bass). The three have all made historical and significant contributions to the genre as members of highly-awarded groups, with multiple Grand Ole Opry appearances, and years of global touring behind them. What started as a side project for these seasoned players soon moved to the front and center as the core members were joined by Nathan Aldridge (fiddle), Troy Boone (mandolin) and Bailey Coe (guitar). With songs that range from pulse-pounding barn burners to those sung from the heart, this sextet brings perfected timing and dynamic – as well as visceral emotion – to their music. With three previous successful album releases, audiences have found that whether live or recorded, the group moves dynamically from well-chosen, neo-traditional covers to new material curated with a holistic sense of identity and mission. Add their on-stage energy and powerful harmonies to the mix, and you have the best of the revered Carolina-Grass sound.


2 thoughts on “SIDELINE Promotes Upcoming Album With Ethereal Rendition Of “Song For A Winter’s Night”

  1. Thank you Ryan! I sent another press release this AM on the brand new fiddler player.. did you get that as well?


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