EP Review: Razorwire Halo ‘Retaliate’

The dirty sounds of electro-rock sometimes can be the most sexually teasing of the music sounds. Razorwire Halo has mastered the blend, the structure, and force of what they have created with their upcoming release on 3.27.18 called, ‘Retaliate.’
From the first track, all the way through it engulfs you and you become apart of the digital edginess that fixates your nerve endings into unstoppable pleasure. This is pretty music, this dangerous music, this is music left for the blue room. Fixed, and spent the whole album cranked to the nth degree is the climax of all interludes. You want more… but your body, soul, and mind are spent.
As we all got a tease with their first single “Sweat” be ready and have your body slathered to be assaulted by what is to come. Razorwire Halo is today’s sound and tomorrow’s core. This is one you have to purchase as soon as it hits. Can’t wait for their first music video… you know it is going to be as visually strong as their music is auditory envisioned.
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*By: Pharah Josial

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