Album Review: Drifter ‘The Howling’

How the sounds of thrash/metal and semi-melodic blend themselves to hash out a crunch that is even possible has found its way into the line scored and settled by this Jersey band known as- Drifter. Their EP ‘The Howling’ is lit and powerful.

Having released a music video “Black Mamba” there is something deeper and more intrinsically sacrificed across the rock n roll presence of Drifter. In a word beautiful when the songs all of the sudden break into an unexpected melodic blend, it is so surprisingly unexpected because it fits like it was always meant to be there! This is a solid lineup of five cutting-edge metal blasters that are ready to munch.
Let’s see what comes next… horns in the air we are ready!
Track List:
1. The Howling
2. Vicious Cycle
3. 00Savage
4. Black Mamba
5. Nocturne


*Review by: Caren Stapleton

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