Sideline “Front and Center” album review

These Carolina Pickers have (in my opinion) put together the perfect bluegrass album of all time. “Front and Center” is the title of the album and so it should be as this album has it all. It’s refreshing take on story telling at its finest gives Sideline a warm welcome into the hearts of listeners.

First on the album and my possible favorite bluegrass song (besides Ricky Skaggs “Black Eyed Susie”) is Thunder Dan. A tune that is a tale of Dan, a woodsman who doesn’t like to be told what and how he should be and will put you down if you cross him. There’s so much in the song that even after 4 listens I’m still finding details that makes the story that much more enjoyable.

A timesless truth about journeying home after years of being away but nothing much has changed except the memories in your heart. That’s the mood setting “Frozen In Time”.

”Old Time Way” is something I’m sure a lot of people can relate to (I wish I could If I was older) because the world seemed happier and neighbors were friendly. A reminiscent of what was.

“Song For A Winter’s Night”, a hit for Tony Rice remastered into a soft sweet mid tempo tune that gives the listener an emotion of a lone winters evening.

A walk down memory lane of a woman he’s fond of and the mountain she calls home is that of “Bluefield WV Mtn. Girl”.

Bluegrass is known for their gospel songs and this album brings two along with it. One being “I Long To See His Face” These mid tempo tunes pairs with Sideline’s four part harmony will have you praising right along!

Every great album has every emotion and stage in life. As most folks would encounter- love and loss; this track reaches to those reckless, a story of debt and gambling. Lysander Hayes” is a great song.

“Memories That We Shared” is a treasurable ballad that is followed by the mid tempo and  soul grabbing “Something Out Of Nothing”.

”Satan’s Chains” is the other gospel track on this album. A highly motivating and enjoyable track that is able to the moment from negative to positive within a few notes.

Rounding out the album is their own rendition of the ever so classic “Cotton Eyed Joe”. This fun spin on a classic is enough to make you jump from your seat and break out your best dance moves.

This is album literally has it all. They planned to give fans their best and “Front and Center” is every bit deserving of its name. Overall I highly enjoyed the entire album. There’s not a song I skip or dislike. My personal favorite and go to song has to be “Thunder Dan” for it’s story is enough to make a story in your mind and watch it play out.

FRONT AND CENTER is available for pre-order now.

Thunder Dan
Frozen In Time
Old Time Way
Song For A Winter’s Night
Bluefield WV Mtn. Girl
I Long To See His Face
Lysander Hayes
Memories That We Shared
Something Out Of Nothing
All Because Of Me
Satan’s Chains
Cotton Eyed Joe

A pedigreed six-piece powerhouse that has set the pace in Bluegrass for over two decades, SIDELINE was founded by Steve Dilling (banjo), Skip Cherryholmes (guitar) and Jason Moore (bass). The three have all made historical and significant contributions to the genre as members of highly-awarded groups, with multiple Grand Ole Opry appearances, and years of global touring behind them. What started as a side project for these seasoned players soon expanded as the core members were joined by Bailey Coe (guitar) and Troy Boone (mandolin). Newcomer Daniel Greeson replaced longtime bandmember Nathan Aldridge on fiddle in 2018. With songs that range from pulse-pounding barn burners to those sung from the heart, this sextet brings perfected timing and dynamic – as well as visceral emotion – to their music. With three previous successful album releases, audiences have found that whether live or recorded, the group moves easily from well-chosen, neo-traditional covers to new material curated with a holistic sense of identity and mission. Add their on-stage energy and powerful harmonies to the mix, and you have the best of the revered Carolina ‘Grass sound.

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