Jaclyn Kenyon talks music videos, pet peeves, and the dream of being a country star

At the end of last week we had the chance to speak with Jaclyn Kenyon. She’s an up and coming country star and fresh off the release off her music video “Daddy’s Got A Shotgun”. We want to thank Jaclyn for taking the time to talk with us and be sure to check out the music video link at the end of the interview!
Ryan: So let’s start off talking about your new single and accompanying music video for “Daddy’s Got A Shotgun”. Are the lyrics from personal experience, or a typical idea of a father?
Jaclyn: It was my first co-write in Nashville for the album and we were all trying to come up with ideas for a song. My co-writer Clay Mills asked me how my parents felt about me being in Nashville on my own which later sparked into a conversation asking if my parents were protective of me in relationships. I told them honestly I’ll always be my daddy’s little girl. Clay mills randomly burst out with the song title “Daddy’s Got A Shotgun” and sang the first hook of the chorus with his guitar. We all looked at each other and loved the idea and started to write right away! It was such a cute and fun song and I really felt like so many people could relate to this song. It’s such a fun spinoff of an overprotective father. No matter what age you are you will always be your dad’s little girl.
Ryan: Is “Daddy’s Got A Shotgun” your first music video?
Jaclyn: When I was 15 I had shot my very first music video but this was my very first music video for this album and music genre. I was so excited to shoot this music video because I finally felt like I was in a place with my music where I was so comfortable and felt so genuine with what I wanted to say and how I wanted to portray myself so I wanted the music video to be a really fun representation of who I am.
Ryan: How was the experience?
Jaclyn: The experience was so much fun! The video was directed by my good friend Jordan Davies. We had all our friends and family in the music video which made it even more special. We shot the video over 2 days! They were very long days and both days ended up being the hottest days of the year which was kinda funny! We were constantly drenching the camera crew in ice water! LOL. We really had fun filming this video though there was nothing but smiles and laughs!
Ryan: How long did it take for you to realize this is what you wanted to do and pursue country music?
Jaclyn: I started pursuing music seriously at 14 years old. I was young and I just loved Music I didn’t necessarily pick a genre because I just loved singing all types and styles of music. The first time I went to Nashville I was 15 years old and I fell in love and told my parents I would move here one day. But at the time I didn’t think much about country music because I loved every style of music. It really didn’t hit me that I needed to figure out who I was until I was 18. People kept telling me “What’s different about you? What do you want to say? What style artist are you? “ and I honestly didn’t know. I was extremely fortunate and I had my first album recorded in LA . What was interesting about that was the producers kept telling me to take the “country twang” out of my voice because it wasn’t working with the pop album we were doing. Little did I know it was just a natural part of who I was all along and all those answers about who I was as an artist we’re hiding inside of me all along. I took time to myself and wrote a bunch of songs for a year after doing the pop album. They all started to sound stylistically the same and I knew I had country in my voice. The album I did in LA I felt wasn’t genuinely who I was as an artist. I knew right when I started writing on my own and really digging into my heart that this was who I was as an artist and person and I needed to be in Nashville and it has been the most amazing experience taking that leap of faith and finding myself and sound. I’ve been so blessed to work with my amazing producer Mike Krompass on this project it’s really special.
Ryan: How does it feel having the support from renowned vocal coach and producer Jan Smith?
Jaclyn: Oh my gosh. She is amazing. I call her Mama Jan because she’s truly is like a mom to everyone. She doesn’t just care about your voice but she truly cares about you as a person too. She has a way of making my voice feel so easy when I sing. She has always supported me from the beginning and has really helped my voice grow as I’ve grown. I respect her so much.
Ryan: Walk us through a day in the life of an up and coming country artist?
Jaclyn: Okay! Usually, I get up around 9:00 drink a smoothie every morning, Then I go to the gym because it’s so good for my stamina on stage and just overall health of my body and voice. You wouldn’t believe the benefits it has on your lungs when you sing, I’ve noticed my high notes just sound and feel less strained and I can hold notes way longer when my lungs are trained daily! After the gym, I usually come home and I do my vocal warmups and start writing songs! If I don’t feel inspired that day I will just sing and play songs on my piano or guitar! That’s basically my day to day routine!
Here are a few quick short questions!
Ryan: Favorite color?
Jaclyn: Baby blue
Ryan: Favorite artist?
Jaclyn: Shania Twain
Ryan: Biggest pet peeve?
Jaclyn:When people tap their fingers or whistling in public kinda freaks me out
Ryan: Favorite food?
Jaclyn: Buffalo chicken fingers
Ryan: Sweet or unsweetened tea?
Jaclyn: For sure sweet tea
 Check out the music video HERE

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