The Darkness Takes The Agora

The Darkness_Shot_05_Simon Emmett_preview
Photo Credit: Simon Emmett

The Darkness are once again making their way across North America as they continue their Tour de Prance which began on March 29, in Los Angeles and will conclude on May 2, in Dallas. The boys made a pit stop in a miserably rainy, dreary and windy Cleveland, Ohio on April 14, at The Agora Ballroom. The night was anything but dreary when The Darkness’ Frankie Poullain took the stage followed by brothers Justin and Dan Hawkins, and Rufus Tiger Taylor. The Darkness not only looked fabulous but sounded phenomenal, despite the horrible acoustics in The Agora which didn’t at all do the band justice.

The setlist was a perfect mix of classic Darkness repertoire blended with title tracks from Pinewood Smile, the album promoted on the Tour de Prance. Dan and Justin Hawkins are true rock guitarists who continually push the envelope of creativity. There are few bands that interact with their audience as much as The Darkness. The fans are as much a part of the show as the set. The night opened with “Open Fire” followed immediately by “Love is Only a Feeling” and “Southern Trains”, the first song of the night from Pinewood Smile. Justin traded his tiger stripe jumpsuit for a trucker cap and denim bolero from the audience as the setlist continued with “Black Shuck”, “One Way Ticket to Hell and Back” and “Givin’ Up”.

“All the Pretty Girls” and “Buccaneers” was sandwiched around “Barbarian”, which boasts epic wails that Justin belts out with ease of opening a sandwich bag. “Friday Night” and “Every Inch of You” followed, mainstays from albums Permission to Land and Hotcakes. The guys followed “Solid Gold” with “Stuck in a Rut” and “Get Your Hands Off of My Woman”, the later of which Justin plays with the audience in a call and response. The band ends with “Growing on Me” before leaving the stage before the encore of “Japanese Prisoner of Love” and “Love On the Rocks.”

If you have to limit yourself to one concert a month, make certain The Darkness makes it  into your calendar for those of you thirsty for a brilliant rock show! High energy, high adrenaline and wicked riffs are only a few of the elements one can expect as the Darkness Prance across America.

Complete list of tour dates can be found here

The Darkness_Photo Credit Simon Emmett_preview-1
Photo Credit: Simon Emmett

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