Blue October LIVE at the Mercury Ballroom: Exclusive photo gallery and review

Last Thursday Blue October’s “I Hope Your Happy Tour” rocked the Mercury Ballroom in Louisville Kentucky to a packed crowd. Fans were lined up for blocks before the doors opened at 7pm for the show they anticipated would become a memorable night of their lives’. Doors opened and fans flooded into the Mercury Ballroom until there was not room to even turn around.

16Members; Justin Furstenfeld – vocals, guitar, Ryan Delahoussaye – violin, Matt Noveskey – bass, Jeremy Furstenfeld – drums took to the stage as the crowd roared in excitement. From the opening song to one of my personal favorites “Sway” it was apparent that Justin and company came to perform their hearts out. Blue October has made themselves known as a ‘from the heart and soul performing band.’

Incorporating the violin in their music is one that helps make them stand alone but in my eyes front man Justin Furstenfeld brings so much heart and soul…passion to the stage that it is bone chilling to just listen to but to see in person amplifies it. The obvious love for writing and music is one that we can appreciate when attending Blue October’s show. For the simple fact that they poured everything into their work and they have made their reputation in poruing all they have into their shows.

18“Home”, and “Into The Ocean” are crowd pleasers with fans from front of the stage to back by the bar singing along word by word, not missing a beat. My other favorite was performed in great lengths by Justin which is titled “Fear”. From hearing it on track to hearing it live- let me say it was nothing short of phenomenal. They performed OVER 16 songs which for a live concert anymore that is rare. With the title of their tour and upcoming album “I Hope Your Happy” it was only fitting to include it in the set. A song in which is a delight to the ears.

If you get a chance and Blue October is rolling into town or nearby take my advice and go. You don’t want to be one of those that the next day your friend is telling you about what a great night they had at their show. Don’t be that person. You can check out their site here and find out more about the band:Blue October



*All photos credit of Ryan Pike of Ryan Keith Photography

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