For the Love of Love and Music: Exclusive interview with Joe Settineri

Last week Music Matters Magazine had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Joe Settineri. Joe loves music, his family, and life. With the release of his latest single “Hello Goodbye”, Joe is growing in popularity and he is embracing life to it’s fullest. Laura Branigan had a chance to catch up with Mr. Settineri and this is what he had to say. You can check out Joe Settineri’s new music video for “Hello Goodbye” below!


If you were to give life, as you have observed it so far, a note what would it be?
A musical note?  I’d give it a high A!   Just like singing a high A, things in my life have taken a lot of work, but I put in the work, and things (including my high A) are pretty good.  I feel super lucky and fortunate to be where I am on all fronts.
Why did you decide this particular song, “Hello Goodbye” would be your first release?
I’m pretty simple … first one in, first one out.   I have been bouncing this song around for a while now and felt it was time to pop it out there for everyone to hear.   I love this song and what it represents, and am so happy it’s made its way into the world.
It certainly is a song about two opposing sides… yet in our lives, we are constantly meeting and leaving. What’s the story for the inspiration? Does it come from personal experience?
Oh, this song comes from a ton of personal experience.  I’m a hanger-on-er and I’ve never been able to walk away from anything very easily.  I still think about past loves and relationships and obsess about them – but in the end, I’ve always managed to move on, and something always happened or came along to show me a new chapter was just what the doctor ordered.   
Any particular instrument you fancy most using when writing?
Yes – I have a very inexpensive baby grand piano that I got from Craig’s List, and I use that when I write.   I have a whole fancy keyboard set up in my studio, but I never write with it. I prefer a quiet morning in my living room with just my piano and me.  
You worked with producer Mike Krompass, correct? What was your working relationship like?
Yes.  He was a dream to work with.  He was so present and available and willing to try anything on a song.  He’s also very decisive and I love and need that! It felt like what I always imagined making a record was supposed to feel like.   
When working with various producers such as Mike what do you feel you learn about your music?
I always learn something from these guys.  They are all so talented. With Mike specifically, I learned to let go a little more and see the studio as more than just the place where we record what I planned to record.  The studio is usually buzzing with creativity and great ideas, so why not let those aspects work their way into the song?
With each song written do you sense your abilities to write becoming easier and able to flow from you unhindered?
I do.   I still have many days where I doubt my abilities and my craft, but for the most part, the longer I do this the better the ideas are and the easier it is to get them out of me and onto paper.  
Was songwriting always your forte Joe? What was your direction prior?
I have always loved song writing, but lacked the confidence to let other people see that side of me.  I did a lot of stage work and sang only songs written by other people. One day I just sang a couple of songs for a friend and the ball started rolling from there.    It felt so good to sing my own ideas in my own voice.
Raising a family is a huge undertaking how do you balance all sides?
All working parents are striving for balance and I think it’s a little of an unfair challenge.  My definition of balance is being ok that some things are left undone. I’m constantly prioritizing and re-prioritizing on the fly, and if at the end of the day my kids have made it to and from school, I’ve gotten a couple of meals on the table, and I’ve spent some time on music, I call that a win.     
Along with your husband and children who are some of your biggest supporters?
My mom.  My mom has always been my biggest fan.  She has always cheered me on and believed in me far more than I’ve ever believed in myself.    I’m so lucky to have that.
What’s a regular weekend night look like for the family?
If I’ve planned and prioritized correctly (see?  It never stops), a regular weekend Saturday night is our children staying in while my husband and I go out to dinner with friends.  Otherwise, we love to go to dinner early and watch ‘Once.’ Someday we are going to get to the end of that show!
Has either of your children expressed an interest in the field of music?
Yes … they both love music and singing, but I have told them they can’t go into entertainment because I need a doctor and a lawyer when I am older.  They can duke it out for who will do which job. That seems fair.
What is your truest hearts desire for your children?
I really just want them to be capable and happy – and by I happy, I mean the kind of happy you earn.  I want them to set their own course, and whatever that journey is, I want them to be confident in who they are.  I want them to know that when the rough patches hit, they have the strength to forge ahead and come out the other side stronger than they were.   
Do you ever write silly little ditties for your kids? If so can you share?
We had a little song I made up when they were toddlers … we called it the nunney-neh song … sometimes we still sing it.
What’s coming up next Joe, what can we expect?
It’s a really exciting time.  I have 2 more singles coming out this summer and fall — Batman Cries and Oxygen.  We just shot the video for Batman Cries and I’m beyond excited to share all of it with everyone.   I am also headed back into the studio this summer with Mike to record and write some more so keep your eyes and ears peeled!   


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