Let’s Talk Ice Cream and Music with Rick Monroe

Since July is National Ice Cream month Music Matters Magazine thought what better way to find out unknown facts about our favorite country gypsy souled artist Rick Monroe than to discover your favorite ice cream treats and talk a little about what is going on in your world of music.


Q: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Rick: The Red Velvet at Mike’s Ice Cream


Q: Do you prefer it in a bowl, cone, and waffle?

Rick: Bowl


Q:How many scoops make up the perfect ice cream treat?

Rick: I’m cool with a single scoop. Moderation is key.


Q:Fruit or candy toppings? And what kinds?

Rick: I’m a purest, just the ice cream please.


Q: Is ice cream a year round thing or only summer time when it’s warm?

Rick: All year round


Q: Favorite ice cream shop?

Rick: Mike’s Ice Cream


Q: Do you have a favorite brand of ice cream? (Blue Bell, Eddy’s, Häagen-Dazs, ect.)

Rick: I don’t actually have a favorite brand, I tend to like smaller stores or handmade ice the best


Q: Is frozen yogurt just as good as ice cream?

Rick: Depends on the flavor and the brand


Q: You have many sponsors, what’s one you really want to have that you don’t already?

Rick: I think a Gas Company would be great, save on travel costs.


Q: “Gypsy Soul” was your latest EP, how has that album changed up your career?

Rick: The main thing was the effect the song Gypsy Soul has had on our sound That song stood out so much that we have built the new Album around the direction.


Q: You post funny memes and GIF’s on twitter. Do seek out the best ones for your mood or the occasion?

Rick: I just try and keep my eye open for stuff that I think is funny and that others would appreciate


Q: Are you a prankster? If so, what was your last good prank?

Rick: Not really, the last prank I pulled bit me in he butt so I tend play it pretty straight, I’m more of a jokester.


Q: What can fans expect to see or hear from Rick Monroe next?

Rick: The New Album Smoke Out The Window is coming in Sept!!!!!

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