OTTAWA Speaks Cleveland Proud, The Sound of “The Good Kind”& MORE

Hot off the release of their single “The Good Kind” OTTAWA is here to chat with us today about their distinctive sound, how important it is being a fresh band hitting the scene, and more! Be sure to check out Ottawa on Social media and their single can be found on all music platforms. We are joined by Dale DeLong (lead singer of OTTAWA), so let’s dive on in!

Ryan: You’re from Cleveland- huge stomping grounds for many rock bands and the heart of the Indy scene. How influential is Cleveland and the culture of the area in your musical aspects?

Dale: Cleveland is extremely influential culturally and musically for us. We all really love it here, culturally it has all the best things a big city has to offer with the feel of a small town, I literally can’t go anywhere without running into someone I know from either the music scene or my childhood. It’s a blue-collar town, we’re all blue-collar guys. There is a ton of talented people here who have inspired us to do this and keep going, we hope to do the same for the next generation!

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Ryan: As a rising band in popularity, fans want to know what does OTTAWA mean?

Dale: Where our name comes from…its actually the name of the street I grew up on in a neighborhood of Cleveland called Slavic Village. We all just thought it was a really strong word and was fun to say, catchy if you will. We knew we wanted our name to just be one word.

Ryan: The sound in “The Good Kind” is not a generic sound from most other bands. Listening there is more going on than one constant beat or rhythm in the song. How do all the pieces fall together to make a song like that so dynamic?

Dale: This is honestly a tough question to answer because although it does sound like there is a ton going on, it kind of just happened. We tried going traditional with it verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus…but it didn’t feel right. The way you hear it is the only way it made sense to us, and we love it.

Ryan: “The Good Kind” gives that kind of an Aerosmith 80’s vibe with a perfect blend of new wave music. How was putting this track together?

Dale: I’ve never heard that before, but now that I have, that’s pretty much exactly what we were going for but didn’t know it. I think we all just felt cool listening to it, like ‘oh shit, this is us, awesome’ lol. Matt Goldman really helped us capture the vibe correctly, that sort of like sexual 80’s thing. Mark Needham mixed it and had it dead on pretty much on the first pass.


Ryan: After having “The Good Kind” finished, did you know then you wanted it as a single off the upcoming album?

Dale: Yes. We knew we wanted people to hear it and that it captured a side of what we do that most the other songs really didn’t. The darker side.


Ryan: What is your touring schedule looking like for this year?

Dale:We have a hometown show Aug. 31st at the Grog shop, we’re in the midst of scheduling a fall tour as we speak. We’re looking for the right agent to get us the right gigs at the moment, we want to put our best foot forward with these songs.

Ryan : Aside from music, what are everyone’s hobbies?

Dale: Jeez. Tim and Jeremy are both handy around the house types, so some sort of home improvement stuff is usually what I hear about them doing outside of the band. Will goes to a ton of local shows and I’ve always struggled to find hobbies, but I’ve been playing a lot of pick-up basketball lately.

Ryan: Favorite thing about Cleveland?

Dale: The local pride, everything from sports teams to coffee, Clevelanders are proud of what’s ours.

Ryan: Why does music matter to you?

Dale: It’s the only thing in life that has given me the feeling that there’s something bigger happening. I’ll go for a long walk at night sometimes to clear my head and listen to music…when the sax solo comes in on Jungleland or the bass starts on With or Without You, I literally feel lifted off the ground, that’s the feeling I chase with this band.


                                                         Ottawa on Social Media

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