KOPPS Debuts Wild New Music Video For “Hott”

KOPPS debuted their official music video for “Hott (ft. Joywave)” on  Paper Magazine.
The song co-written and produced by Daniel Armbruster of Joywave, who makes a cameo in the video, is the perfect step out for KOPPS who definitely embrace their sexuality in a playful, somewhat satirical way and always with a good dance move. The video showcases this; latex and all but doesn’t stop with the band. Fans were encouraged to send in their rendition of the “Hott Trott” and were incorporated into the video.
KOPPS is a Rochester Based band that brings a blend of electro, pop, and nu metal with a uncanny ability to flip of a switch go from one to the other with out missing a beat. Some innovations and unique style is without saying and Patricia Patron’s vocals are soft and sultry, pulling everything in perfectly. A wild video from start to end from a band that’s not to keen on taking much to serious they are true to themselves and that gives then kudos in our book!
Click HERE to check out the music video!
“This past May, we finally realized our lifelong dream — several, all at once, actually. Working with famed artistic directors “ghost+cow”, dancing for hours on camera. Seeing a full cast and crew act possessed doing a dance we created. LOL what could be better?” — KOPPS

More about KOPPS

Never ones to take themselves too seriously, the Rochester-bred quartet would tell you that their sound is an equal and strong mix of Britney Spears and KoЯn, and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong.   Anchored by Patricia Patrón’s sultry vocals, the band has a knack for pop sensibility that they immediately flip on its head, evoking a titillating mix of electro, pop and nu metal.  Or as they like to call it: CrazySexyCreepy. With a flair for the dramatic, KOPPS visuals dabble into the creepy, twisted and often bizarre vibe but always with a wry sense of humor.
That peculiar sense of humor may stem from growing up with labelmates and fellow Rochester-based band, Joywave.  Patrón and KOPPS bassist Kyle O went to high school with Joywave frontman, Daniel Armbruster, who’s produced all of KOPPS’ music to date and lent vocals to the band’s latest single, “HOTT (ft. Joywave).” The infectious tune walks a fine line between pop, dance and rock, while the video creates what could be the next viral dance sensation.
Two other tracks of note, “Baby I’m Dead Inside” has a slinky, electro-R&B feel to it, as Patrón admits that true love is overrated, and the yet-to-be-released, “Virtual Reality,” questions IRL relationships in the 21st century, set to a dance-worthy beat. But no matter what song you’re listening to, two things are certain: KOPPS is gonna make you laugh…and make you sweat.