Minority 905 Release New Album: Dangerous Ambitions

Towards the end of August, the Pop Rock/Pop Punk band Minority 905 released to the world their second album: Dangerous Ambitions.

The album immediately opens with a pop-punk anthem titled, “Don’t Panic.” It is a perfect meld that blends into a cohesive piece of music of alternative, pop-rock, with a smidgen of emo mixed in to get that feeling of angst throughout the record.


Throughout the album, various emotions are delivered so any listener may find a lyric or line they can relate to. Tracks such as “What If” and “Future” strike that chord of fear of what may be ahead, yet you’re still eager and ready to take the next leap, it will all work out. Spinning over to “Relapse” and you’re recalling those memories over your summer love and suddenly, you’re back to that magical period again.

The eighth track on the album, and recently released music video, “Soundtrack” is truly a summation of the album as a whole as it listens almost like a ‘soundtrack.’ One after another, each song out of the 12 songs, moves right into the other without repeating the same sound or structure. Minority 905 even goes as far as to give us an excellent emotional, acoustic love song, “Lucky Ones.”

Vocalist John Aquino’s vocals create a trademark sound that brings those emotions to their fullest development, rounding out the electricity each member of the band completes this team.

Dangerous Ambitions is available now for purchase and you cannot stop yourself from pressing play over and over again!

by: Declan Myers


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