From A Pop Culture Icon to A Song With Meaning – An Interview With Joe Settineri

Joe Settineri sits with Lauren Stevenson and she gathers thoughts from Joe on his new inspiring single Batman Cries that opens up about the hero in us all. “When a superhero is down, it tears us apart, but when that superhero is us, it’s a matter of life and death.” says Joe. He is an American singer songwriter with a lot of story left to tell and his ability to captivate fans with his raw lyrics and powerful voice is what really sets Joe apart.


LS: The character portrayal, Batman, for your latest single/video “Batman Cries” why him?


Joe Settineri: When I was developing the song concept and the idea that even a superhero could cry, I immediately zeroed in on Batman because of his super tragic backstory as well as his closed off, unemotional demeanor.  He is literally the most non-vulnerable person out there, and the perfect superhero to make the point of the song. Even the strongest among us fall and need our help to get back up.



LS: How has the pop culture scene reacted to the video?


Joe Settineri: The response has been great!  The video was never intended to be a true representation of Batman, but more a representation of the superhero within us all.  It’s about our own stories and people learning to cheer for themselves. With that said, I’m finding out that Batman has many serious fans who don’t think he could ever, ever cry – and I’ve loved hearing those points of view.  There are also so many people who have connected with the video on a much more personal level, and those are the stories that have been blowing me away. Either way, people are talking about it which is exactly what I wanted.



LS: Were you a huge Batman fan yourself growing up?


Joe Settineri: I was always a huge fan of superheroes in general … Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman … they were all loved equally by me.  I mean come on, who didn’t want to be Wonder Woman when he grew up?



LS: Who are some of your superheroes… real or written?


Joe Settineri: I have many superheroes in all shapes and sizes and ages … but my mom tops the list as my ultimate superhero and protector.   She made me into the person I am today … and that’s literally and figuratively.



LS: As the concept came together for “Batman Cries” you understand a level of depression…yet overcoming… Mental Health is on everyone’s mind nowadays. Talk a bit more in detail about the lyrics behind the mask.


Joe Settineri: The lyrics that mean the most to me in this song are actually the most simple ones.  “Get up, stand up, be strong … please get up, we’re waiting for you, stand tall and save the world …”   We all need cheerleaders and we all need to cheerlead for everyone around us. It’s crazy simple, but when it comes to things like depression and mental health, having someone to there to cheer us, and even learning to cheer for ourselves, could be a matter of life and death.



Check out the music video HERE



LS: Who did you work within the studio on this particular song?


Joe Settineri: Mike Krompass out of Nashville produced this song.  He’s amazing and so talented. We even had some extra special magic added by Ashley Clark on strings and Scotty Westervelt on piano and keys.  Dream team!



LS: How about the music video where was it filmed?


Joe Settineri: It was filmed here in Los Angeles in one long night.  The most exciting part was the rain machine we used. It looks amazing in the video, but I got pelted by cold, cold, rain for hours.   Brrrr.



LS: Joe as you look out amongst those who you call friends and family what have you found to be the greatest joy you have received?  


Joe Settineri: Cue the mood music …. But raising our twins and getting to see them turn into real people is obviously the greatest joy I could ever ask for.  I’m also so lucky to have such an amazing network of friends who always have my back. As I get older, I realize how rare that is and how special they all are.



LS: Would you say your music is your gift back?


Joe Settineri: I feel like that would sound a little presumptuous of me to say that … but I will say this … I create music with the hopes that someone, somewhere connects with it.  Even if it’s for a quick couple of minutes if my song lets someone disappear into his/her emotions and actually feel, then I’m beyond happy.


LS: Finally, Joe, since this song seems to be relatable what would you like to see happen with “Batman Cries” on a personal and artistic level?


Joe Settineri: Personally, and artistically, I’d love for everyone to get to hear it.  And I mean everyone. Everyone, everywhere. I try to keep my goals simple.  You’re welcome world. 😊

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