“It’s Christmas Time”: an Interview with Joey Danger

“It’s Christmas Time, It’s Christmas Time” today we have the chance to chat with rocker Joey Danger! This guy let’s lose and gives us the inside scoop at his Christmas traditions, musical taste for celebrating the holiday!
Ryan: Christmas is a time for joy and happiness to spend with friends and family. How do you plan to spend your Christmas this year?
Joey: Staying warm in Florida with my family and a few close friends.
What are your favorite festivities surrounding Christmas?
I genuinely love making gifts for my friends and family. I also really like checking out the lights.
Let’s settle the debate: when should someone put up their christmas tree?
After the New Year. I feel like that should be a law.
What is the best gift you’ve received for Christmas?
There have been way too many good ones, its tough to say. Any year I get to spend it with my family and friends is the best gift in itself. 
What song(s) get you in the Christmas spirit?
Jingle Bell Rock, Have yourself a merry little Christmas and of course,Santa Claus is coming to town. 
Would you consider creating a Christmas album? If so, what songs would you include, or would they be originals?
No. Never. Not unless it was a joke. I could see myself doing it as joke now that I think about it.
Rank your top favorite Christmas themed movies
The Nightmare Before Christmas, Bad Santa, and Treevenge
Does your family have any Christmas traditions that are unique?
Gifts from the dollar store. Its a family tradition. 
With Christmas comes cold weather and snow. Do you like enjoy the cold weather? Snow?
Yes! I love cold weather and snow! I actually spent last summer in Australia to avoid the heat since it was winter there.  

Did you build a snowman when you were a kid?

I grew up in Florida so I didn’t really get to do that stuff until I was an adult. 

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