Jonny Monster Dynamic Blues Guitarist

Jonny Monster Band
Nashville Tennessee dosen’t get all the great musicians . Knoxville Tennessee has our fair share of great musicians. Jonny Monster band is one of them.

Jonny who hails from Hudson Valley in New York is now based out of Knoxville Tennessee. We are pleased to have him!DSC_0437

Jonny is a dynamic blues guitarist having opened for greats like Johnny Winter, Lucky Peterson, Booker T. Jones.
Jonny has healined shows all up and down the East coast.
Jonny is just dripping with soul and the blues! a laid back fellow but who sure can make the guitar sing!

I got to catch a show of his in West Knoxville Tennessee at a local club called Mind Yer P’s & Q’s. Who just happened to be closing down and chose The Jonny Monster Band to be the band for their farewell. Jonny and band did not disappoint. Bringing his blend of blues, and searing guitar playing to a packed house. Changing out guitars during the night and even switching with his bass player to play bass on one song proving Jonny is multi talented. They were really having fun and tearing it up.
You should check out one of Jonny Monster Band Shows if you get a chance .

He has released a self titled album and a wonderful followup titled “ Bad Times Before” . Featuring Tennessee own Andy Lewis and Kevin Redding. Soon to be released new music from Jonny, You can preorder “Back-Stabbin Woman” now. He also has a video for that song on his website for you to view too.

To keep up with The Jonny Monster Band go
Angela Richardson-Newman Music Matters Magazine

One thought on “Jonny Monster Dynamic Blues Guitarist

  1. Jonny is the HOTTEST BLUES PLAYER since Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Johnny Winters. The Jonny Monster Band is a force to be reckoned with! Go see them if you get a chance! You will be blown away!


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