Wyld Ryde LIVE Review & Photos: Mercury Ballroom

Louisville Native, Wyld Ryde strolled into the Mercury Ballroom last Wednesday, walked up on the stage and brought the night to life with their intense energy and high octane performance. The night before Thanksgiving Wyld Ryde gave fans an epic experience as they took stage on That Arena Rock Tour: Big Hair Thanksgiving Eve.


Wyld Ryde kicked off the night with “It’s Not Easy” which instantly fueled the packed Ballroom as fans were yelling and jumping to the beat. It was unreal to see the local support and fan base for Wyld Ryde that showed up. Chief (Lead Vocalists and Guitarist) stood front and center powerfully singing taking the fans on a Ryde they won’t forget. A vocalist that shares similarly with that of  the late Lemmy of Motorhead. A deep soulful and groveled voice that certainly doesn’t bore.

88Wyld Ryde is made up :Chief (Vocals/Guitar), Tommy (Guitar), Mick (Bass) and Kidd Vicious   (Drums)

The sold out Mercury Ballroom LOVED what experienced. That’s what you get with these guys, an experience. That’s what sets a good concert from a great experience is the fans feeding off the band and the band to feed off of them. From “Fantasy” to “Puppet On A String” Tommy (guitarist) was everywhere  giving the crowd many awing moments how he was hitting notes and bringing to life the guitar he draped across this shoulder.


Wyld Ryde debuted a new single “Alone” and the response was unanimously loved from start to finish. My personal favorite is “Something to Hide”. The song in its entirety is perfection and you can never go wrong the clashing of electric guitars and thrilling chorus highs.

80Wyld Ryde is not your average concert. This is an experience concert. One that I expect to continue to grow and soon, to be on their own headlining national tour.














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