N.a.s.H talks Musical Creativity, shoutouts and more!

N.a.s.H is greasy off the release of their second album titled “Incredible Villains” with Heavy Metal Records and these rockers took a few minutes to sit down and have a fun cha tv with Carol from Music Matters Magazine.

Music video for D.i.t.c.H:

Carol Finst: Tell us who N.a.s.H. is.

Bryan Nash- We are a tight family among other things, a tight family with the room and desire to grow. And our family grows every time we play a show. That’s all we want to do. Write, play, multiply.

Dylan Johnson- N.a.s.H. is 4 dudes trying to restore order to the galaxy.


Carol Finst: How long have you been performing together as a band?

Bryan Nash- We have been together as the four of us for about 5ish years, but Jim Bobbi,, Joe, and myself have been together for a long time now. But we haven’t been as strong as we are right now.

Dylan Johnson- These guys have been doing it for years. I joined in January 2014.

Carol Finst: Other bands you were in previously?

Bryan Nash- Ahhh I’ve been in a few, but I’ve always been with N.a.s.H. Nothing has ever been as fulfilling musically, creatively than this band. And as I said, when I’m with this group doing what we do, it just feels right.

Dylan Johnson- I was in a handful of bands before this. Last one I was in was called False Vendetta.

Jim Bobbi Nash- Just this one for me.


Carol Finst: What is the scene like currently where you reside?

Bryan Nash- I agree with my bandmates. Live music has really suffered in recent years, and I wish I knew why. It seems to have affected every facet of the industry from the very small bands to the very big and everywhere in between. The term “starving artist” is no joke. And the thing I think we take for granted is we just maybe assume it’ll always be there. Support live music or it could face extinction!!

Dylan Johnson- I’d say it’s trying to survive. There are still concert goers everywhere. I don’t prescribe to the “Rock is dead” theory but I do acknowledge it’s maybe not where it was 15 years ago.

Jim Bobbi Nash- The original music scene to me, around we are, is quite small. There are a few venues that promote original shows, but it is hard to get people to come out to support and to stick around for bands they haven’t heard yet.

Carol Finst: Is there a favorite local band you want to give a shout out from your area?

Bryan Nash-I’ll give a shoutout to a local musician, Joe Koza!!! Hell be a household name shortly.

Dylan Johnson- The Bunker Boys. My old guitar teacher Don plays fiddle in that band.

Jim Bobbi Nash- I have a favorite local music teacher… Mr. Gerry Weber!

Carol Finst: Carol Finst: What music are you promoting currently?

Bryan Nash- D.i.t.c.H. is our second single and our heaviest recorded song to date!!!

Dylan Johnson- Our second single off ‘Incredible Villains’, titled D.i.t.c.H. It’s got some heaviness musically and some killer lyrics.


Carol Finst: Tell us about the development of your current music, story, production, mastering, studio, end goal?

Bryan Nash- Well, we are at the beginning of the story with ‘Incredible Villains’, it is only our second release. There is still so much we have to offer. That being said, this album is such a huge turning point for us as a band. It is such an important album to us, both in the way it was written AND recorded. For the first time we sat down together to pick the very best of what we have written so far to put it in as part of the story. We actually recorded it with a friend of ours from the very very beginning of our band, master engineer and musician Ryan Ball. He knows us, our sound, our vision. He was able to anticipate a lot of what we were looking for, and lend a very valuable ear in certain areas. So much of us is in this album, which is why we consider it so valued. And it’s like reading the next chapter in a book, and the chapter that will follow will reveal even more. That’s all part of the end goal. We want to expand on our family of fans, our villains. We have met SOOOO many interesting people doing this. We want to walk into another sold out show and have everyone in the room move with us, singing along to every word. I know that may seem a little all over the place, but our vision is very clear to us.

Dylan Johnson- It was a long arduous process getting ‘Incredible Villains’ finished but it was all worth it. I think it came out how we always envisioned it.

Carol Finst: What does 2020 hold for N.a.s.H.?

Bryan Nash- We have so many songs right now that we are working on for our next album. We want to have a lot to choose from so that the next album is huge. We have a lot of plans for it, musically, visually…..it will really be something when it is done. You will see the growth even more. And of course, we don’t ever stop playing outlive. Even when we are writing. Shit, even when we are recording. So keep an eye out we are coming.

Dylan Johnson- We are working on writing the next one so stay tuned

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