BLACKTOP MOJO “Static” EP Review

A band that cannot be defined, cannot be labeled because their style is unlike others Blacktop Mojo is back with their new EP “STATIC” released Friday! Blacktop Mojo – southern metal, rock, heavy grunge: basically they are everything from insane guitar riffs and lyrically perfected.

Signal’s Gone Official Lyric Video HERE

Blacktop Mojo has solidified their presence in the rock world with their previous three studio albums. Formed in East Texas where the music scene carry’s a little of all genres it’s clear that Blacktop Mojo has taken inspiration, created something completely original that for fans of 80’s AC/DC style fans and those of The 2000’s Creed style can come together on.

This EP I would strongly suggest to ALL music fans for reasons of it’s guitar intros and riffs, it’s strong lyrical meanings, and it’s overall mix, it is put together perfectly in all aspects. You can find the EP wherever music is sold. Click the link above to listen to Signal’s Gone Official Lyric Video. This EP by far is the strongest EP release of the year so far, and with all it brings to the table, it’ll be difficult beat.

EP Rating 10/10
EP Playlist:







“Old bones crack and grind under the weight of a heavy mindIn the ground buried deep to mean to die to proud to speak”


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