Dead Original New Album ‘Bought and Sold’

Finally, it is here! Dead Original has been working diligently to get their album out to their fans. Releasing several singles from the album kept us all riveted and anxious for the album ‘Bought and Sold’. True the grunge feel is stated but there is something different lead vocalist Paul Wandtke and his band brings that solid sound of heavier rock with a Chicago grunge vibe. “Bored Again” is the latest release with the album and holds itself along with the previous tracks from the album, “Blasted”, “Let It Burn”, “Bought and Sold”, and “Restrained”. In a time of great restrictions on performing live the undertaking for a young band to create an album has been met and accomplished. – Ryan Lohr

Website www.deadoriginal.comMerchandise Purchase Link –
Get FREE WORLDWIDE shipping on Dead Original’s debut album feat over 13 tracks autographed/signed by the band via

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