Mitchel Evan Releases His Highly-Anticipated Self-Titled Album

RICHMOND, VA. – MITCHEL EVAN has released his Self-titled album, Mitchel Evan.. Featuring his fourth single release from this album, “Baby Go Back To Bed” with The Label Group/INgrooves. Mitchel Evan brings his well-seasoned songwriting experiences together and links his life observances in a vibrant way that takes the listeners on a journey. Truly a master of storytelling gently tucked in between life lyrics, rock, indie, and Americana. All backed by Mitchel Evan’s band, The Saboteurs. Working in harmony, Mitchel Evan is creating true music sounds that tell a story along the way.

“Finally, 2021 brings an album that has skin, bones, nerves, guts, and the fortitude to tuck it all under the voice of Mitchel Evan, truly a gifted singer-songwriter that deserves higher accolades than he has been given thus far. This is a perfect self-titled tile for an album, Mitchel Evan, as it is in truth the life story from a few moments along the timeline of Evan himself. Each song standing upon its own Once upon a time… In an age of everything being created pseudo cum lude and disposable comes a real piece of music. It is a classic from the beginning till the end. With the careful attention to details and the emotional charge of baring a soul, it is hoped that this self-titled album will find its way onto vinyl soon. It deserves to be heard exactly as it should… with emotion.” – Ray Clindman

Track Listing:1. Band-Aid2. Lonesome Love3. As Far As You Know4. Cancel Out The Noise5. Let Me Down Easy6. Baby Go Back To Bed7. The Distance8. Kansas City Lights9. Gotta Be A Way10. Leeches11. Work Of Art12. Everything To Nothing


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