Gears Releases Another Single with Meaning “GAME”

“The most difficult thing that I have ever set out to accomplish has been to “make it” in the music industry.
GEARS has come a long way in a rather short amount of time and while I’m not sure if we will ever become “successful” in this industry so that we are able to make a comfortable living doing what we love, what I do know is that I feel most alive when I’m on that stage. Watching the crowd not only enjoying the music but singing along right there with us, meeting our fans after the show at the merch table, listening to how much they enjoy our music. I love everything about it. The hugs, hearing how much our music has done for them, in some cases even saving their life. For me, that is a success, point-blank. 
So for now, we will continue to play this game. The music will go on and not only because it’s my passion, but because of you, our FAMZ. Your happiness will always be important.” – Trip Six

“GAME”- Credits Written by William Gonzalez, Corey Lowery, James Wooten Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Corey Lowery Mastered by Paul Logus


Merchandise Purchase Link-

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