Hell & Hollar Music an Animated Video For Their New Release “Siberian Hunter”

Sometimes things are just so cool and you get excited and have to share! It has been a good long while since we last heard from Hell & Hollar but we are glad to see them back! Hopefully, more music is coming and perhaps a tour?

“Siberian Hunter” came to us through the band’s bass player Johnny Dusko. He wrote the music long ago on an old three-string guitar he had found in a dumpster. When Johnny first showed us the song we knew it was for Hell & Hollar. He had already named the song “Siberian Hunter”, this inspired lead vocalist, Blake Burn’s lyrical content and deep tundra vibes.
Nate Largent added his touch on the drums and then we went to work on evolving it into the final recorded version. We are proud to present this one, “Siberian Hunter”, to the world.- Hell & Hollar

Listen to “Siberian Hunter” on Loudwire Weekly Wire CLICK Here.7/23/2021.
Produced and Recorded By Hell & Hollar at H&H Studio. Engineering and Mixing by Ian Pattison. Mastered by Maor Applebaum Mastering. Video written and produced by Blake Burns, artwork and creative directing by Adam Sheetz, edited by Laz Martino.

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