Hillbilly Vegas Says It’s “High Time For A Good Time”

We couldn’t agree more! This is a pretty killer tune with a Black Crowes vibe, better yet through in a little Stones and guess what they added some cool dudes from Bad Company and Loverboy on this version! We all need to get back to have some fun and rock n roll has the remedy!

“For this song, we were kind of leaning to the side of classic rock. So having Todd and Geraldo play on it kind of gave us the feels we were looking for, a vibe of Bad Company, Black Crowes type song. Thank you’s to those who may have influenced or worked with – Huge thanks to Geraldo whom we’ve been working with for a couple of years now. Amazing musician, mixer, and producer. He is the first producer who understands us and we never worry about what he’s going to do when he gets the songs. Also, Todd Ronning from Bad Company who’s just been a great friend to the band and added such cool bass lines to some of our songs.” – Steve Harris

WE definitely LOVE IT!

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