TAYLOR RAE  -‘Mad Twenties’ Album Review

What an introduction–Austin-based singer-songwriter Taylor Rae’s first album is a tantalizing blend of thoughtful, expressive lyrics riding over a wide range of Americana styles. This collection of 12 original tunes runs the gamut from introspective balladry to greasy R&B, all detailing Rae’s current turbulent decade—her “mad twenties.” 

The first single, “Fixer Upper,” glides along in a relaxed languid groove that recalls Norah Jones, with wry turns of phrase such as “Let me be your broken lover / I know you like a fixer upper.” In contrast, “Home on the Road” serves as a declaration of independence as she wails “Let your dreaming mind free your wandering soul” in a voice that compares to Sheryl Crow or Bonnie Raitt. 

“Sink or Swim” details her mad-twenties ambivalence toward romance: “So honey tell me why it is that we fall away / I will do my best to choose to love you anyway.” Finally, “Wait and See” reveals Rae’s hard-won wisdom as she concludes “I gotta do this on my own / Even if that means letting you go.”

As a songwriter, Rae boasts an enviable economy with words honed by her immersion in the fertile Austin songwriting community. That plus her soulful delivery means that–debut or not–Mad Twenties reveals a fully mature artist who’ll have plenty to say in the future. 

TAYLOR RAE  -Mad Twenties album review by Bob Cannon

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