Alex Miller’s ‘Miller Time’ Album Review

If you’ve written off modern country as nothing but hop-hip beats, longneck beers and dirt roads, you’ve got another thing coming. Namely this debut album by American Idol sensation Alex Miller, the 18-year-old Kentucky native who blew away the audience last year with his deep baritone, downhome mannerand mastery of traditional country styles. The rollicking leadoff track, “Breaking the Bank,” sounds as though he wrote it at Tootsie’s Orchid … Continue reading Alex Miller’s ‘Miller Time’ Album Review

TAYLOR RAE  -‘Mad Twenties’ Album Review

What an introduction–Austin-based singer-songwriter Taylor Rae’s first album is a tantalizing blend of thoughtful, expressive lyrics riding over a wide range of Americana styles. This collection of 12 original tunes runs the gamut from introspective balladry to greasy R&B, all detailing Rae’s current turbulent decade—her “mad twenties.”  The first single, “Fixer Upper,” glides along in a relaxed languid groove that recalls Norah Jones, with wry … Continue reading TAYLOR RAE  -‘Mad Twenties’ Album Review