Blackberry Smoke, Portsmouth Pavilion, Virginia, October 15, 2021

By Glenn Woodell

In support of their new album, You Hear Georgia, which was released in March, Blackberry Smoke is making their way around the US through the end of the year and then heading to Europe until March when they return to North America.

Local favorites Bennett Wales and the Relief opened the show while Brian Grilli played an acoustic set in the VIP section.

Songs for the show were as follows:

Payback’s a Bitch
Six Ways to Sunday
Live it Down
Good One Comin’ On
Pretty Little Lie
Waiting for the Thunder
Crimson Moon
Let it Burn
Hey Delilah
Medicate My Mind
Sleeping Dogs
The Whippoorwill
You Hear Georgia
Ain’t the Same
Run Away from it All
Ain’t Got the Blues
One Horse Town
All Rise Again
Old Scarecrow
Encore – Ain’t Wasting Time No More (an Allman Brothers cover) and Ain’t Much Left of Me

Brian Grilli

Bennett Wales and the Relief

Blackberry Smoke

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