Testarossa Rocks with their new single: “Son of a Bitch” plus catch their rockumentary ‘I Am Testarossa’

Charlotte, North Carolina -TESTAROSSA RELEASES THEIR new single “Son of a Bitch” (10/15) along with their rockumentary titled, I AM TESTAROSSA with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves.
The Rockumentary film, I Am Testarossa, is a short film designed for the viewer to step inside a day in the life of a true rock n roll band. Showcasing each band member, in a good home-brewed movie fashion, this film gives fans a front-row seat as to what and whom Testarossa embodies. You will witness unparalleled camaraderie as the band comes to terms with the hardships of becoming a household name. Ah yes, the price of fame.I Am Testarossa, the narrative and brainchild of Buddy, Colten, Blake, and Jordan, together tell a story don’t it… one with a bit of tongue/cheek and lightheartedness. After all, it’s only rock n roll and Testarossa lives it.

To Connect with Testarossa
Facebook – https://www.Facebook.com/TestarossaRocks
Twitter – @TestarossaBand
Instagram – @TestarossaRocks
TikTok – @TestarossaRocks
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/TestarossaRocks/videos
Spotify –https://open.spotify.com/artist/2tnfdLet4Ly84siK58FckQ?si=C2AB2HXpQGKThQbJFSysPw&dl_branch=1
Purchase Link- https://ffm.to/testarossasob
Website – https://teespring.com/stores/Testarossa

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