Blake Webb of Testarossa Talks About Their Rockumentary ‘I Am Testarossa’

Chrissie Hoge: What a year it has been, how are you all feeling about it?
Blake Webb: Well we all had the ‘rona and we are alive, so better these days! Everyone’s been pretty corona-cool lately, so that’s a good thing. 

CH: Let’s dive right in here shall we? A rockumentary. Tell us what ‘I Am Testarossa’ is all about and why did you all do it?
Blake Webb:  The documentary is a portal to our inner circle.  You get to be a part of the band, essentially a fifth member.  We wanted to invite you into our everyday life! Come check us out!

CH: You can certainly tell there is a layer of humor behind your band. Would you say the short film really shows the level of humor and play Testarossa has?
Blake Webb:  I’m not nearly as funny as the other guys and you will find me to be a bit sentimental in the video.  I am very grateful to be surrounded by awesome people!  However, Jordan never ceases to make everyone laugh.  The guy says very little and makes everyone laugh a whole lot.  We like to keep things pretty loose; it’s absolutely an accurate showcase of our everyday lives.

CH: Was the rockumentary scripted at all or was it all pretty much ad-lib?
Blake Webb:  The whole thing is ad-lib.

CH: In the middle of all this you decided to put in a music video for your single “Son of a Bitch”. Is there a connection to be looked for with the single and the rockumentary a deeper meaning or just good old rock fun?
Blake Webb:  The music video showcases a lot of what was happening at the time we filmed this documentary.  They’re very much relevant to each other without having a deep concept that ties them together.  The music video showcases a lot of live footage!

CH: How often now that things are semi-settled with the pandemic issues are you all getting to perform live now? How is that working out for you? Any venues in particular enforcing vaccine ids or negative tests?
Blake Webb:  There are still some awesome bands out there touring despite all this craziness.  The shows are great! People need to get out and let loose now more than ever.  There is a myriad of ways to protect oneself from the virus these days, so people aren’t as afraid to come out.  Some of the Livenation venues are particular about covid tests/vaccines. We are just happy to be playing.  

CH: Looking forward to a Testarossa Thanksgiving this year by any chance? Will your listeners get a holiday treat from the band if they are extra good?
Blake Webb:  Absolutely!  All listeners who wish to give thanks should contact Buddy Radford.  He’s got a “treat” for them, naughty or nice. 

CH: Looking forward to which one of you is actually Santa Claus and how many lumps of coal will you be handing out this year?
Blake Webb:  We can’t tell you who will be Santa because that information is North Pole Classified; however, I can tell you we’re gonna tape a copy of “Late for the Party” to each lump of coal.  Coincidentally there are 1,000,000 lumps of coal to be delivered this year, so we are looking forward to going platinum this Christmas.

CH: Which one of you can name all the reindeer without googling it? 
Blake Webb:  Rudolph is the only dude who got a song named after him, so the other guys are irrelevant as far as I’m concerned.  You wouldn’t believe me if I told you what Dancer’s full-time gig is the other 364 days of the year. 

CH: Thank you Testarossa for a great year of music. What and when can we expect more touring, and more music?
Blake Webb:  More Touring.  More Music.  More Footage.  More Photos.  2022 is gonna be an awesome year and we are glad to have you in our circle.  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram at @TestarossaRocks.  Check out our music videos and a plethora of other video content on YouTube also at @TestarossaRocks.  Chrissie, you’re awesome! Thanks for having us.

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