“Mercy Me” Third Single From Gary Hector’s Album ‘National Trash’

Following the single/releases from Hector’s album NATIONAL TRASH, “Today, I Ride Alone” and “Baby, This Ones For You” Hector delivers his third single/video – “Mercy Me”.
In his pursuit to create something different outside his usual rock n roll side, NATIONAL TRASH is filled with a seasoned sound seldom found in this style of music nowadays. As Hector finished recording his guitar, vocals, and tambourine in Trinidad, he enlisted two Nashville Tennessee veterans to round out and finish his vision. In came John Heinrich to add pedal steel guitar and Nikki Nelson on female background vocals. A culmination that has resulted in a stunning “marriage “of Old School Country, and almost Punk Attitude songwriting which Hector jokingly refers to as TRINICANA.

A play on words “Trinicana” denotes the three singles really brought to us by Gary Hector from his album ‘National Trash’. What Hector has brought from his homeland of Trinidad/Tobago is a classic Americana/rock/country/indie sound that seems to have grown up inside of him and given birth to a true heart. “Mercy Me” is the latest from Hector’s album, and boasts yet another work that deserves the accolades of a true musician. The album is worthy of your collective, the man deserves an opportunity to explore this sound more. Brilliant work all the way through. We are hoping for more.” – Penelope Ronalds for Music Matters




Twitter: https://twitter.com/hector_gary

Apple: https://music.apple.com/tt/album/national-trash/1573861032

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